Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Breaking News: Stabbing On Magnolia (And More)

We hear from readers that there was a stabbing around 7pm on the 4600 block of Magnolia.  Apparently some residents were drinking all day, got into a fight, and someone got stabbed.  The police are everywhere, the area is roped off with blood all over the entrance to the (Carlton?) hotel at 4626 Magnolia.

"Just drove by a serious crime scene on the 4600 block of Magnolia---on the west side of the street, in the front sidewalk of that big stone building. Tons of cops, ambulance with police talking to what I assume to be a victim inside, fire trucks, etc. There was a large pool of blood and a hat strewn on the walkway from the building to the sidewalk. When we drove by again, we saw cop cars in quick pursuit up and down the 4400 block of Racine and then west on Montrose. I hope you have this and more information already, as the scene was red and yellow taped off and looked pretty serious. Hope no innocent bystanders were hurt."

This seems to be followed by a shooting, and car pursuit.  Will update.

Update:  What readers are telling us:

- The stabbing victim is in critical condition and the assailant is in custody.

- Apparently shortly before 8pm, a Pontiac Bonneville with Wisconsin plates drove into the crowd at the scene of the stabbing on Magnolia.  It had children in it, and the car jumped onto the sidewalk and hit a sign.  There were shots fired, possibly by the police, as the car left the scene.  The car was found at Clark and Wilson hooked up to a tow truck.  The driver said he had picked it up on the 4400 block of Malden.

Update 2:  An eyewitness writes in:  "The fight started out near Wilson and Magnolia near 4609. The guy who got stabbed was saying 'Stop bullying me' to the other guy he was in a fight with. The guy started to leave when the other guy exclaimed 'I'm going to call the police'. He then chased after the bully and was stabbed. I was told by a neighbor his throat was slit. The stabber hid near the Magnolia Hotel, where the victim was bleeding. Cops showed up along with an ambulance. The ambulance ended up taking the guy out on a stretcher. He was passed out at the time and looked like he was going to fall off of it.

More police showed up and suddenly a shot broke out and a woman was screaming. That's when the gunfire happened. The stabber allegedly stole a woman's car near Leland and Magnolia with her children in the back seat. Police were drawing weapons when an officer yelled 'Don't shoot; there are kids in the car'. The stabber drove south down the east sidewalk, hitting a parked car along the way and damaging a wooden sign near Aardvark Insurance. He then turned west down Wilson and cops pursued. There are many news cameras out now on the block filming the clean up. What started as a stupid fight turned into a bloody mess."

Update 3:  9:30pm - The stabbing victim is in surgery.  The car was apparently stolen or carjacked, and when the thief was driving away with the car, he turned onto Magnolia and found himself in the middle of a crime scene and much police activity that was there due to the stabbing.  In an effort to elude the police, he drove into several cars, including police cars, and then drove onto the sidewalk.

But wait, there's more!  There was also a large fight/mob scene at Wilson and Broadway shortly before 10pm. Guns were apparently involved and Lakeview Foods, in the Wilson Red Line station, had its windows destroyed.  Police were there very quickly and are pursuing the offenders.

If you have any further information, please put it in the comments.  If you have photos, please send them to us.

Keeping A Scorecard

UU has added a new feature to the sidebar at the right:  "Hats in the Ring," keeping track of declared candidates for alderman in 2011.  We know the candidates and rumors are coming out of the woodwork, so the criteria is simple:  a formal announcement and a website, and the candidate will be added.  Right now there are three names listed in the 46th Ward, and none that we know of in the 47th or 48th Wards.  Click on each candidate's name for a link to his (and potentially her) campaign website.

"Some Miscommunication"

Wilson Yard Target Recruitment Poster

A reader writes in...
"When I read your earlier post about Target, I was surprised to read this line from a forwarded e-mail in the comments of the post: "Local people can apply for jobs earlier than the general public." Since I work in Human Resources, I know that it's not typical to give any applications preferential treatment or make the process more accessible to anyone, unless they have a disability covered by ADA. I reached out to Jeff DeMoss at Target to follow up. He's on vacation, but I got a call from their HR Business Partner. When I told her about the posting on UU and the e-mail from Cory at ONE, she stated that there must have been "some miscommunication."

She stated that it's a plus to have local job candidates working at Target. That way, the person can work and shop there, building a real sense of community. However, no candidates are being given any preferential treatment. She attended the ONE meeting on behalf of Target for local community outreach, but she was only there to explain how to apply for a job at Target. She stated that candidates can list community organizations for referral sources, but that's really for Target to learn more about local organizations for future outreach opportunities. Those candidates do not receive any special consideration.

She told me that candidates can start applying for jobs on April 11th either on the website or at a kiosk at another Target location. Candidates can apply earlier than that; however, it's best to wait until the Wilson Yard store is available on the website. I asked if there are requirements to work at Target, like a GED, customer service experience, etc. She said that Target's culture is "fast, fun, friendly." That means if a person with no experience displays these qualities better in an interview than someone with many years of experience, they will be the preferred candidate for the position. There are not easily quantifiable job requirements.

She also forwarded on the attached flyer with information on how to apply online. I thought you might like to share it with your readers."

Uptown Neighborhood Action Committee

UNAC, or Uptown Neighborhood Action Committee, is committed to bettering and beautifying the neighborhood around the 5000 block of Winthrop. You can contact them via the information on the flyer, and/or become a fan on Facebook, to find out how to get involved. The next event is Positive Loitering, on Thursday, April 1st.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hop On Over To Clarendon Park

It's an Easter Egg Hunt for the kidlets.  Bring them to Clarendon Park Community Center (4501 N Clarendon), on Saturday, April 3rd, between 11am - 11:30am.  It's free!  The City website says "Meet the big white Bunny and look for hidden eggs! In addition to egg hunts, most events will feature face painting, arts and crafts plus photo opportunities with the bunny (bring your camera). Some activities may require pre-registration due to limited space."  Call 312.742.7512 for more information.

If At First You Don't Succeed...

Score two points for trying.

Graffiti Blasters attempted, but failed to remove tags scored onto the façade of Friendly Towers, the Jesus People owned building at 920 West Wilson.

Pssst...Need A Job?

A reader writes in asking:
"According to the ONE website, Alderman Shiller hosted a forum (on March 23rd) with ONE to discuss how local residents from Uptown can get a job at the new Wilson Yard Target. There was NO mention of this meeting on the Alderman's website, nor any other publicity regarding this meeting. Are these job not being advertised to the general public?"

And What To Our Wondering Eyes Should Appear?

Here's a photo of a rare sighting – CTA maintenance workers performing maintenance on the Wilson Red Line station!

After watching CTA workers chucking shingles off the roof into the truck on the sidewalk, we can only presume that the stores and station are getting a new roof.  Is the CTA tapping the Wilson TIF funds, which recently were allocated for station improvements, to make these repairs?

The three 2005-2010 leases for Wilson station stores come up for renewal this year.  The CTA currently leases to American Fast Foods, Inc.; Charles Stempien (Lakeview Foods); and Wilson-Broadway Mall, Inc.  Under existing lease terms, some store operators were supposed to make improvements to their CTA leased property.  We never saw those leasehold improvements materialize nor did we see any effort by the CTA to force compliance with the lease terms.  Let's hope that the CTA improves its property and leasing practices enough to bring some safety and pride to that corner.

State Senator Steans Open Office Hours

A reader writes:
"I received this note from Senator Steans' office and thought I would share it with Uptown Update readers."

State Senator Heather Steans' Open Office Hours

  • Thursday, April 1
  • 3:30 to 6:30 PM
  • 5533 N Broadway Ave
Those of you that have questions, concerns, or comments about the recent pension reform bill, budget, or any other topic can come by my office at 5533 N. Broadway from 3:30 PM to 6:30 PM and meet with me on Thursday, April 1. If this time does not work for you, please feel free to call me anytime at 773-769-1717 or e-mail me at

Monday, March 29, 2010

Ald. Shiller's Historic Neighborhood

Via Chicago Breaking News:
The IBM Building in downtown Chicago and the Andersonville district in the city's Uptown-Edgewater neighborhood have been added to the National Register of Historic Places, which experts say shows their importance in architectural and urban history. Continue Reading

UU Note: According to the Andersonville Chamber of Commerce website, Ald. Shiller's home in the 1200 block of West Carmen falls into the Andersonville boundaries. This should do wonders for her property value. We congratulate her.

Changes in Street Cleaning for 2010

From Ald. Tunney's latest email blast:

The Streets and Sanitation Commissioner's Office has recalled all proposed Street Cleaning Schedules for 2010. There will be a redistricting of all current sections throughout the City of Chicago into grids.  Please disregard all previous schedules posted on our website and on the City's website. 

We assume this applies to the schedules posted for Uptown, as well.

Update:  Crisis averted!  Aldermen get to retain control of their sweepers!  Read about the compromise here.

Can't Stay Away?

Vince Vaughn must really love Uptown!  We hear he's at the Wilson Skate Park filming, right now.

Art Beat

We posted about the 50 Aldermen/50 Artists show and decided to go take a look.  Interesting!  The aldermen were depicted in all kinds of media:  Legos, video, photos, cardboard, tile... some flattering (Scott Waguespack, JoAnn Thompson), some ... not so much.  Some cooperated with their artists; some did not.  17 aldermen showed up at the opening, and a few bought their own portraits.  You can read more about the show on its website, and in the Huffington Post (with photos).  But if you want to see it in person, better hurry.  It's open during the week only by special arrangement and the closing party is Friday, April 2nd.

The three aldermen representing Uptown:

Mary Ann Smith (Ward 48)'s portrait was done in digital photos by Jon Hisel, whose notes in the artists' book said she was extremely accommodating.  Her only comment was that "I knew I should have worn makeup today."  Jon Hisel told UU in email that "She was very timely in replying to my request to meet. She took time out of her schedule to chat with me about my art and let me take photos of her in her office.... She showed a genuine interest in my work."
Gene Schulter (Ward 47)'s portrait was done by Phineas X. Jones, who mentioned in the artists' book that he didn't have a chance to meet with the alderman, so he used a photo of Ald. Schulter and the Mayor together as the basis of his work.
Helen Shiller (Ward 46)'s portrait was done by John Geletka.  He didn't say anything about their meeting in the artists' book, but we have a pretty good idea on what he based his work....

National Night Out Against Crime, Uptown Update, August 7, 2007

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Broadway Gets Bricks

The rehab of the former Uptown Snack Shop building continues at Broadway and Leland, with the outside brickwork finally getting a tune-up. Beats the holes in the facade that were there for several years. We're still trying to figure out how they're going to fit 16 residential units and ground-floor retail in that small footprint.

Broadway Streetscape Lighting Appears

The lighting that will soon replace the rusted-out "antique" lightpoles on Broadway from Montrose northward has made an appearance. These were spotted between Target and Aldi.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Gut Rehab On Argyle

We're glad to see even more progress on Argyle Street after a fire burned a row of businesses in 2008.  One of the Edgewater Community Buzz contributors snapped the photo above and says, "More activity on the buildings that caught fire on Argyle right off the El stop. Here is a picture from the train. They removed the roof and gutted the entire inside."

Update:  We heard from someone who was "in the know" during the court proceedings, who tells us that the owners have plans for storefronts only, so the building will basically be replacing what was there before the fire.

Uptown Synagogue Struggles To Reopen

From the Tribune:

2 groups struggle for synagogue leadership

Orthodox congregation remains without a place to worship as parties bicker

Members of Agudas Achim North Shore Congregation [5029 N. Kenmore] know they want to reopen their shuttered Uptown sanctuary, but they don't agree on who should lead it.  Read the entire story here.

Friday, March 26, 2010

No One Knows What Goes On Behind Closed Doors...

Howdy, neighbor!  "A Chicago cabdriver who authorities say recently talked of bombing a stadium was arrested downtown today while on the job and charged with trying to send a few hundred dollars overseas to al-Qaida.  Raja Lahrasib Khan, 56, a Pakistani native who lives in Chicago's Uptown neighborhood, sent a money transfer of about $950 to a contact in Pakistan last November and directed that $300 go to the leader of a Sunni extremist group with ties to al-Qaida, authorities charged."  Read the rest of the story in Chicago Breaking News.  Early media reports place his residence on the 4500 block of Clarendon, but that wasn't included in later reports.

Where Am I Located?

Can you identify this Uptown location?

"Vive La France" Fundraiser On Saturday

A reminder about the fundraiser/ dinner/ auction held in support of Lycée Français de Chicago (613 West Bittersweet), which will be held Saturday, March 27th.  Please click here for more information about all the festivities for this gala event.

"The Art of the Toilet Seat" Grand Opening Tonight

There's a grand opening tonight at the Tattoo Factory Gallery (4443 N Broadway), from 6-11pm.  You can see more of the art here, and read more about the show here, on the Tattoo Factory's Facebook page.

We are restraining ourselves from making puns, but we dare attendees to ask where the restrooms are.

Local Weather Source Update

Sadly, for those of us who relied on Pete's Weather, the site now confirms that Pete is finished broadcasting live conditions from Lawrence and Kenmore, but is working on coding for another local station. 

In the meantime, get your local weather from the website of the Chicago Corinthian Yacht Club (Montrose Harbor), with a more detailed report from the same site at the Weather Underground.

Uptown Legend Celebrated

Nelson Algren, author of such Chicago fiction classics as “The Man With The Golden Arm” and “Never Come Morning,” resided briefly in Uptown sometime during the 1950s and was a habitué of the “oldest established permanent floating crap game” (actually card games frequented by local cops and characters; thanks, Frank Loesser!).  His 101st birthday will be celebrated at St. Paul’s Church, 2215 W. North Ave., Saturday 3/27 from 7:30 – 11pm with refreshments, music and performances, including an appearance by legendary photographer Art Shay. The annual “Nelson Algren Awards” (not the Trib’s fiction honors) will be given to musician Erwin Helfer and filmmaker “The Other” James Bond.

Admission $10; $7 for students/seniors, but as Nelson always said, “If you’re a little short, come anyway!”  Sponsored by the Nelson Algren Memorial Committee.

Easter Egg Hunt Tomorrow

From Ald. Tom Tunney's latest email newsletter:

Easter Egg Hunt at Wunder's Cemetery.  Saturday, March 27, 10:00am, 3963 N. Clark (Southeast corner of Clark and Irving Park).  Come celebrate the Easter weekend and hunt for eggs at the historic Wunder's Cemetery. Wunder's will provide bags for all egg hunters and admission is free. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Refreshments will be provided by Ann Sather Restaurants. For more information, please call 773.525.4038.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Would You Like A Side Of Bird With That Road Rage?

We can't wait for the Truman parking structure to be finished so the parking situation around the college lightens up.  Businesses on Wilson are suffering because customers can't find parking, residents complain that students get day passes and they can't park on the block they live on, and arguments over spaces are a regular occurrence.  And now this confrontation, reported by a reader:

"So I had quite the encounter this morning while leaving my parking space in front of my house this morning (Leland and Malden). As I was pulling out, this van stops in front of my car, then he just waits there... So I give him a little honk because at that point I just thought he was stopping to wait for something. Then he backed up an got out of his van and started just having a fit, shouting at my window telling me he was going to rip my face off.

I called 911 and started reporting the incident because I didn’t really enjoy that he was punching my window. Before he left because I told him through the window that I called the police, he shouted, 'I don’t care. Call the Supreme Court, call that n----- Obama, call this!' while grabbing his crotch.

He got in his van and drove off, but before he did I snapped this lovely picture of him while I was talking to 911; got to love multitasking. You can see me better than him due to the reflection, but I think his finger says it all, and if you notice on his seat there, he is an employee of the City of Chicago."

The reader told the police about this, along with a description, the van's plate number, and the support of several witnesses.  Be careful out there, folks.  You can keep up with the Truman parking structure progress here.  Stop the insanity!

Spring Yoga At Chase Park (Kid & Adult Classes)

Chase Park welcomes Jillana to the Chase Park Family!  Yoga Schedule

  • 3:30pm-4:15pm 3-6 year olds
  • 4:30pm-5:15pm 7-13 year olds
  • 5:00pm-6:15pm 18 & over
Cost is $50 per 10 week session.  The session begins 3/30/2010.  To reserve your spot, please email

Christopher House Renovations

A reader writes about the changes at Christopher House child care center (Leland and Winthrop):

"Each morning when I walk by, I've noticed that they've been doing some renovation inside. This morning I noticed that they were replacing the wood chips with some kind of synthetic turf. It's not grassy like AstroTurf, but more like rubber tiles. Thought I'd forward along some pics if you think it's worth a post.

Still not sure what kind of renovations are happening on the inside, but I think the changes to the outside are nice. I used to hate those wood chips when I was a kid on the playground!"

"O" M G

We have logos!  (Well, 1.5 logos, but we're sure the bulls-eye will show up shortly.)  Visual confirmation that Target is really and truly setting up shop.  Read a February interview with Target brass, exclusively on Uptown Update, for more information about the new store.

Taverns, Sausage Kings, Ice Cream & History

The blog Tales, Taverns & Towns features the history of the building at Ravenswood and Wilson, now O'Shaughnessy's, formerly the Zephyr, formerly a currency exchange, and 100 years ago, a pharmacy.  Interesting history of the area and a tie-in with the real sausage king of Chicago (sorry, Ferris, not Abe Froman) and a spectacularly grisly Chicago murder.  Read the whole article and get a free pint of Guinness as your reward.  Seriously.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

BET Presents "My Brother's Keeper"

There's a new show at the Black Ensemble Theatre (4520 North Beacon), and the Loyola Phoenix likes it a lot:

On March 21, Uptown’s Black Ensemble Theatre released a heart-warming solution to the post-winter blues with My Brother’s Keeper.  Written by Rueben Echoles and produced by theater founder, Jackie Taylor, My Brother’s Keeper: The Story of the Nicholas Brothers is a musical tribute to the most famous tap dancing team of the twentieth century, Harold (Echoles) and Fayard Nicholas (Rashawn Thompson). Throughout the play, audience members follow the dancers on their journey from Harlem to Hollywood. ... My Brother's Keeper is a performance for history buffs, musical fans and anyone looking for a good time. Leaving the theater after the show, one cannot help but feel energized. The weather this spring might disappoint some Chicagoans, but My Brother's Keeper will ease the pain.

Go to BET's website for show times and ticket information.

City Streets Or Silly Putty & Chewing Gum?

Pothole season is upon us, and there are some streets that are in such bad condition that it looks like the patches are all that's left.  Exhibit A:  the NE corner of Irving Park and Clarendon.  If you notice a bad pothole, call it in to 311.  You can also make a request online.  Ask for repaving while you're at it.  We hear that there's menu money available for infrastructure improvements and as of January, it hadn't been spent.

"Our Lady Of Perpetual Scaffolding" vs. Landmarks Illinois

A previous owner of the Sheridan Plaza at Wilson and Sheridan asked for a tax exemption and promised to keep the building historically intact in exchange. 

Now the new owners (Horizon Group Management, the same firm who sued an Uptown renter for Twittering uncomplimentary sentiments about a unit they owned) want to start ripping away, and are suing the agency who oversees preservation.

Read all about it at Crain's Chicago.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Uptown Traffic Signal Problems

A contributor says:  "Department of Transportation crews are working at LSD and Montrose to locate and repair the high voltage power line break that is causing traffic signals to malfunction in Lakeview and Uptown. Crews say they suspect yesterday’s water main repair at Marine and Junior Terrace as the cause of the break."

Register To Be A TIF "Interested Party"

"One of the most important elements of public participation in the TIF process is making sure that everyone who is affected by a TIF district knows about key developments."

Words to live by.  Especially if you live in a parcel that was - abra cadabra! - suddenly removed from the boundaries of the Wilson Yard TIF for future inclusion in the Maryville TIF. Check Ald. Shiller's website for details... oh, wait, they're not there.

Every Uptowner should read this page from the Neighborhood Capital Budget Group to learn about TIF Transparency in Chicago, the TIF Bill of Rights, the TIF Reform Program, and most important, how to register as an Interested Party.  Property owners in Uptown have already been hit up for $112 million (One Hundred and Twelve MILLION dollars) for "development" in the Wilson Yard TIF boundaries. Don't let it happen in Maryville without knowing what's happening and what your rights are.

That's true TIF transparency. Demand it.

No Support From Ald. Shiller?

A reader writes in:
"Where’s Helen? She must not be in agreement with this ordinance before the City Council because it does not require that at least 75% of TIF funds be allocated to affordable housing, as is the case in her ward."

More info via "Chicago Coalition for the Homeless"

even more info via the City Clerk

Monday, March 22, 2010

JPUSA Feeds & Serenades Uptown

A reader sends in the following photo and info:
"I was on Sheridan and Wilson recently and saw JPUSA (Jesus People USA) handing out food and Bibles, part of what they called their "Manna" program.
UU Note: You can see the rest of the photos on Flickr.

Free Pastry Morning At Starbucks Tuesday

You'll need a coupon (linked here).  You'll need to purchase a "handcrafted beverage."  And you'll need to get there by 10:30am.  But do all that, and you can get a free pastry on Tuesday morning, March 23, at any participating Starbucks location, including those in Uptown.

LEN Reports On The Maryville TIF/Lakeview Station Development

Lake Effect News has a couple articles on the proposed Maryville TIF, and the community meetings and traffic studies sponsored by the would-be developers.  Read about it at LEN exclusively (you won't see it anywhere on the alderman's website).
  • Financing Maryville Development Is A Challenge.  "If lining up financing for a massive residential and commercial development with a $350 million price tag in the worst economy since the Great Depression were easy, everyone would be doing it."
  • Traffic Improvements Come With A Loss At Uptown Development.  "The developer of a proposed residential and commercial development on the former Columbus-Maryville campus and his traffic consultant presented a traffic study that examined the development’s impact on traffic flow to representatives from Uptown condominium associations and block clubs last Tuesday, March 16."

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Architectural Bike Tour Of Lakeview

While this doesn't take place in Uptown, we thought it would be of interest to our community's many bike enthusiasts.  On Sunday, March 28th, Big Shoulders Realty will host an architectural bike tour of Lakeview, 4 to 5 miles long, designed for riders of all abilities and ages, and absolutely free.  "None of them sell or market anything, and all of them will discuss and view the architectural wonders exhibited in each neighborhood, along with some history of the area. The goals of the rides are to raise awareness of cycling in the city, awareness of the city’s unique architectural heritage, to foster a belief and advocacy for preserving our built history, encourage a sense of environmental activism and to offer Chicagoans something fun to do that doesn’t cost anything, or sell anything."  Read more about this ride, and sign up for a schedule of all this season's tours, here.  Participants will meet at Lakeview High School Park, 4055 N. Greenview, at 1pm.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

More On The "Incumbent Alderman Protection Act"

Ben Joravsky of the Reader is at it again.  Read his take on proposed state legislation that would make it more difficult to unseat an incumbent Chicago alderman:

The Untouchables : Its nickname, "The Incumbent Alderman Protection Act," tells you all you need to know about a proposed state law.

Reminder: Buena Bunnies This Sunday

Buena Bunnies Are Back!  Buena Park Neighbors' widely acclaimed Buena Bunnies is back for its 9th year, and you don't want to miss it! Join your neighbors and friends in the Nick's Uptown pool room on Sunday, March 21, from 3-6 pm to create Easter baskets to be donated to St. Mary of the Lake Church in Buena Park for their annual Easter basket giveaway to neighborhood children.  One prize will be awarded to the coolest basket in the annual and highly competitive Buena Park Neighbors' Annual Ellen Feinberg "Finest Buena Bunnies Basket" Award!

Chase Bank And Hotel

Wow, this brings to mind the days when Harris Bank was an open air campground (not the case anymore, we hear).  Nothing like going into a locked room to do some banking and getting to confront someone of uncertain mental status taking a nap.  A reader sent this in, and we hope it was followed by a call to 911, or at least a 311 call for a well-being check.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Somerset Place Closed For Business

The once lovely building that housed Somerset Place is now boarded up; the last patients were relocated last week.  You can follow the 5009 Sheridan: The Closing of Somerset Place blog for past and future developments.

Red Line Assailants Indicted On Felony Charges

In a case of assault on the Red Line that we've been following, the alleged assailants have been indicted on felony and hate crime charges.  "Kevin McAndrew and Benjamin Eder, both 23, and Sean Little, 21, all of Evanston, originally faced misdemeanor battery charges stemming from the Jan. 10 incident. Those charges were dropped and the three were immediately re-arrested as they left court on Feb. 24., police said.  On Wednesday, the three men were each indicted on one count of hate crime and two counts of aggravated battery, according to Cook County State's Attorney's Office spokesman Andy Conklin. The men will appear for arraignment on March 26."

Read more here, and past articles here and here.

Cash Cab?

All sorts of spring shenanigans on Thursday night.  A reader sent in this photo and report.

"Guy hit by a cab on Sheridan (just South of Wilson). He was getting up until he saw the police, then lay down on the sidewalk, got up again and ran off when they tried to question him.  They took the "victim" in the rescue squad.  The windshield of the cab is completely smashed."  We hope for the well-being of all involved.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lost Dog In Irving Park/Clarendon Area

A dog is missing and her owners need help finding her!  A black and white cockapoo escaped from her fenced back yard this afternoon around 4pm in the area of Clarendon and Irving Park.  She has curly hair and is about 20 lbs. Her tags were found in the backyard, so she should only be wearing a plain black collar. She has white hair on her legs and has long black floppy ears.  If you have information, please e-mail or call her owners (847-476-XXXX), who would very much like to be reunited with her.

Update:  Good news and a tip of the hat to The Houndry.  "My name is Brett and I am the owner of Skyla. I have just picked her up and she is safe and sound. I can't speak highly enough about the Uptown Update. It was your fast posting that led to finding her. Chad who works for the Houndry saw the posting you made. He sent me an email notifying me that someone (later learned to be John) found her out wandering. He brought her to Houndry (located at 3945 N. Sheridan Rd.) where Chad and everyone there took the most excellent care of her. The Houndry went above and beyond while they looked for me. Skyla was fed, bathed, and groomed. One of the employees even took her home for the night and brought her back this morning. I will forever be a customer of Houndry!  I wanted to say thank you to everyone that helped in the return of my dog."

Spring Weather: Shots Fired

A reader wrote at 5:48: "3 shots heard at Kenmore and Winona. Cops got there right away, one guy in the ambulance. Cop looking for shells or something on the ground by Kenmore and Argyle. Feels like summer."

Update from Chicago Breaking News:  "Boy Shot In Arm in Uptown.  A juvenile was shot in the arm today in the North Side's Uptown neighborhood, Chicago police said. The condition of the victim, a male, was not immediately available this evening, but he was taken to Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center. The shooting happened about 5:25 p.m. in the 4900 block of North Kenmore Avenue."