Saturday, March 27, 2010

Uptown Synagogue Struggles To Reopen

From the Tribune:

2 groups struggle for synagogue leadership

Orthodox congregation remains without a place to worship as parties bicker

Members of Agudas Achim North Shore Congregation [5029 N. Kenmore] know they want to reopen their shuttered Uptown sanctuary, but they don't agree on who should lead it.  Read the entire story here.


  1. I hope they figure this out!

    Since it's been closed, it's been an eyesore on the block. No flowers, landscaping, broken windows. It lends itself to crime b/c it doesn't have any occupants. Another vacant building in the community.

  2. Here is an idea: Offer the space to Chabad to create an uptown/andersonville Chabad House. This would fulfill the needs of the Russians and the younger secular jews throughout the larger neighborhood. There is no Chabad house between Lakeview and Rogers Park. Chabad should be able to handle the financial responsibilities. Steve Turk, if you're reading, please post your contact info or put it up on