Friday, July 19, 2019

Extreme Heat Is Here For A Couple Days

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It's the flip side of January's polar vortex. Six months later, it's going to be hot - stupidly hot - dangerously hot - beginning around 10am, lasting through Sunday around noon. Heat indices are expected to get close to 115°,

The last time it was this hot was in 2012, and people died, including two in Uptown. In both cases, victims were older, and found in their homes, with no air conditioning, and windows closed. Hot weather is actually the most lethal of all weather conditions.

If there's ever a time to check on your neighbors, this is it.

We live in a community that has a lot of vulnerable people, including the elderly. Please check on your friends and neighbors who may not have air conditioning or who may not make the best decisions about their health. (If someone doesn't have a/c, it is recommended that they open a couple windows and use a fan to circulate the air.)

Part of what makes these days so dangerous is that it will not cool off at night. Please, take care of yourself and others.

DFSS will be checking on people living outdoors to persuade them to come inside during the worst of the day's heat. If you need a ride to a cooling center, call 3-1-1 to request someone come get you.
  • Stay hydrated. 
  • Keep an eye out for people suffering the effects of heat. (Maybe carry an extra bottle of water to give to someone who might need it.)
  • Wear a hat and sunscreen.
  • Don't exert yourself outside in the middle of the day.
  • On behalf of your pets: Put your hand on the pavement. Can you keep your hand there for ten seconds without it being too hot? If not, walk your pooch on the grass.
  • We know you're too smart to leave your kid or your pet in a car, but keep an eye out for anyone who may have done so. It's a death trap in this kind of weather.
There are places for people to go if the need to get cool:
  • The cooling center at 845 West Wilson (at Hazel) - it will be staying open until 7pm on Friday evening.
  • Hospitals: Thorek (850 West Irving Park); Chicago Lakeshore Hospital (4840 North Marine); and Weiss Memorial (4646 North Marine).
  • Police stations (19th District is at 850 West Addison; 20th District is 5400 North Lincoln).
  • Libraries (the Bezazian is at 1226 West Ainslie; the Uptown is at 929 West Buena).
  • Senior Centers (the closest is at Lawrence and Damen).
  • Park field houses - Margate, Clarendon, Chase, Gill.
  • There are water features in several Uptown playgrounds, including Broncho Billy on Magnolia near Montrose, and Clarendon Park (4501 North Clarendon).

Be safe, y'all.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Captain Marvel Movie Postponed Tonight, Changed To August 1st

Welcome, Uncharted Books!

Uncharted Books has moved to Uptown** and is open for business!

The funky and fun used book seller/gathering place/event host is now located at 5140 North Clark, near Foster (and Hopleaf).

After launching in Logan Square in 2012 (and being named Best New Bookstore by Chicago Reader), it became beloved as an antidote to soulless big box bookstores.

Ramona says hi!
But the store eventually outgrew the original storefront, so the decision to move was made this year.  Uncharted Books re-opened its doors this month at its newer and bigger Uptown location.

If you haven't visited before, you're in for a treat. There are comfy overstuffed chairs, a reading & meeting room (available to members of the Adventurers Club), art on the walls, unusual gifts for sale, and best of all, you'll be greeted by Shop Dog Ramona, who gives appreciative attention to anyone who admires her soft fur and blue eyes.

They also hold book signings, poetry readings, and other events of interest. Check out the calendar here. Local author Daniel Kay Hertz (The Battle of Lincoln Park) will be there tonight!

If you have books to sell that fit in with Uncharted's eclectic collection, they accept them on Mondays and Tuesdays only, between noon and 6pm.

Hours are 11am-7pm Sunday through Wednesday; and 11am-9pm Thursday through Saturday. The website is here, and the Facebook page is here.

** For those who are going to say, "That's not Uptown, that's Andersonville!" -- it is both. Edgewater and Uptown are officially designated Chicago neighborhoods that are separated by Foster as a border. Within both, there are many unofficial neighborhood designations, like Bowmanville, Lakewood Balmoral, Sheridan Park, and Buena Park. Andersonville is an unofficial neighborhood designation that includes portions of both Uptown and Edgewater. Uncharted Books is south of Foster, so it is in Uptown -- and Andersonville.

Sunnyside Mall Outdoor Movie Night: It's the Goonies!

From the Sunnyside Mall committee:

"Hey, You Guys!!!! Get ready to hunt for One-Eyed Willy's lost treasure! Anyone alive in the 80's will certainly remember this classic." Come to the Mall on Friday, August 2nd and rediscover it.

"The 5th Annual Outdoor Movie Night in the Sunnyside Mall will be screening the classic film The Goonies! And even bigger news - we have been able to secure the movie showing on a Friday night!

Bring a chair/blanket and some snacks (maybe a Ruth, Ruth, Ruth! Baby Ruth!) and get ready to say 'Sloth love Chunk.'

Movie starts at dusk!"

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Chicago PD Filming in Sheridan Park on Thursday

Chicago PD will be shooting a scene here on Thursday, July 18th, and there will be a street closure and some parking restrictions.

  • Racine will be closed to through traffic 9am to 2pm between Broadway (at the Riv) and Leland.
  • Parking will be prohibited between 7am and 5pm on:
  • both sides of Racine between Broadway and Leland
  • both sides of Leland between Broadway and Magnolia
  • west side of Broadway between Leland and Racine
If anyone takes picture of the filming, we'd love to run them!

Monday, July 15, 2019

Pets Rule In New Mural Taking Shape At Wilson & Magnolia

click to enlarge

Fantastic creatures are coming to the northwest corner of Magnolia and Wilson!

In a mural commissioned by SSA #34 on the 18' x 48' side of the building, artist Caroline J. Brown is creating an animal-filled wonderland -- very appropriate for a building that's home to Wagnolia Veterinary Clinic.

Caroline is the artist-in-residence for Satellite Cafe, where you can see more of her whimsical designs (942 West Montrose) and read an interview with her about the "magical realism" that inspires her.

You can follow her on Instagram (including this project!) and at her website as well.

We love seeing all the fabulous art and bright colors that are being added to our colorful community. Stop by to see the mural take shape in real time!

CAPS Meeting For Beat 1912 Is Tuesday At Sulzer Library

The CAPS meeting for Beat 1912 is Tuesday, July 16th, at 7pm. It takes place at the Sulzer Library, 4455 N Lincoln.  The beat's boundaries are Lawrence, Clark, Irving Park, and Damen, which puts it just west of our coverage area, but it is still technically part of Uptown.

The meetings take place on the third Tuesday of odd-numbered months, and are combined with Beat 1911.

If you are concerned about crime in your community, and want to talk to the beat officers and CAPS officers about what is going on, this is the best place to do it. If you have a concern that you'd rather not voice publicly, you can speak to an officer after the meeting.

A complete listing of all Uptown's CAPS beat meetings and schedules is available here.

Full Moon Jam Takes Place Tuesday Night (and Twice More This Summer)

Photo by Rick Baer from the July 2016 Full Moon Jam (click to enlarge)

Now that the ohgeewilltheyeverstop spring showers are in the rear view mirror, we can finally recommend a visit to the Full Moon Fire Jams, an Uptown tradition.

From the Facebook page:
"The Full Moon Jams are free, family-friendly events that happen every full moon during the summer months in Chicago, from May to October, weather permitting. The FMJs are an official part of the Chicago Parks District Night Out in the Parks series. 

Started in 2004 by a group of friends celebrating a birthday, the jams have grown in size to accommodate the increasing amount of drummers, fire spinners, families, and random passers-by who come to enjoy the night."
It's a thrilling sight, with fire dancers, drummers, musicians, and other performers and a crowd of spectators. The jams take place between sunset and 10pm. There is a strict code of conduct to ensure everyone's safety; please review it, and the FAQs.

The remaining 2019 dates are:
  • Tuesday, July 16th
  • Wednesday, August 14th
  • Thursday, September 12th
The jams take place a quarter mile south of the Foster Turf Fields on the lakefront, south of the beach, on the east side of the lakefront trail, in the big field. Approximate address: 5100 N Lake Shore Drive.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Sports, Gymnastics & Fitness Fun At Buena Park Circle, Free on Wednesday & Friday Afternoons

The Rollin' Recreation activity van offers fun for the whole family at Buena Park Circle on Wednesdays and Fridays through August 9th, between 2pm and 3:30pm. The vans drive in, and the fun rolls out -- sports, gymnastics and fitness activities. Come join us and enjoy these activities with others in your community. No registration required, just come out and have fun.

Siam Cafe, Chicago's Oldest Thai Restaurant, "Closed For Business"

It seems that one of Uptown's longest-running restaurants has quietly closed its doors. Siam Cafe, at 4712 North Sheridan, has signs in its windows indicating it has been shuttered, if we're interpreting "Closed for Business" correctly.

We're not sure exactly how long it's been around, but long-time residents say they think this family-owned establishment has been serving hungry customers in Uptown for at least fifty years. Some call it Chicago's oldest Thai restaurant.

The other Thai restaurant that was just steps away, the similarly named Siam Noodle (a newbie at "just" 30-something years in business), moved to Buena Park in 2017 after Sarah's Circle bought the building in which it had been housed. You can still enjoy Siam Noodle's cooking at its new home at 4142 North Broadway.

We will miss Siam Cafe.

47th Ward Sunset Bike Ride On July 26th

From Ald. Martin's newsletter:

"Ward Sunset Bike Ride July 26th. Save the date! Our first Ward Bike Ride is set for 7PM Friday, July 26. Join Alderman Martin and 47th Ward staff as we ride around the ward.

The meetup location is TBD, but if you are interested in planning it, please contact Bindu Poroori at"

Buena Park Neighbors Kicks Off Summer in the Park Events with Captain Marvel

Buena Park Neighbors will kick off its Summer In The Park events with the movie Captain Marvel on Thursday, July 18 at 8pm.  The film is rated PG-13.

The first film in the Marvel series to feature a female title superhero, this 2019 blockbuster has grossed over a billion dollars, and the year isn't over!

The film will be shown at Buena Circle Park, at the corner of Buena Avenue and Kenmore Avenue.  All are welcome.  Bring your blankets, your chairs, some refreshments, and settle down for an enjoyable evening with your neighbors.

Later this summer, Buena Park Neighbors will host two concerts and an additional movie at the park. All events are free to anyone who wants to attend.

Buena Park Is Good Living by the Lake. It is a small town, a resort town, nestled in a big town. It is a welcoming lakeside community that bustles with diverse residents who are active and dedicated to improving the quality of life for one another.