Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Green Mill Named A Place To Drink Before You Die

Esquire Magazine just came out with its list of America's Best Bars, and one of Uptown's own is included: The Green Mill. "The Green Mill Jazz Club, at 4802 N. Broadway, made a scrolling list at the bottom of the article of 15 Bars Every Man Should Drink in Before He Dies." (The chick portion of Team UU feels the gentler sex ought to include it on their list as well.) Whether you like it best for the mob history, the underground tunnels, the jazz, the poetry slams, or the longevity, Uptown is lucky indeed to have the Green Mill in our midst.

But don't try to celebrate it for the next couple days: Apparently Vince Vaughn and Channing Tatum have dibs, through Wednesday.

(Photo by Senor Codo on Flickr.)


  1. It was actually 15 bars, and Green Mill RANKED at 10.


  2. Thanks, Brad. Corrected the original post.

  3. Was it a ranking? I have the issue and I thought it was just a list not based on anything in particular?