Saturday, April 20, 2024

And Then There Was Fencing, And It Was Good

Construction fencing in the parking lot of upcoming 4553 N. Dover development

We have been following the city permitting process with the upcoming 4553 N Dover development closely. The developers received zoning review approval on April 11, so we knew that demolition of the existing "Happy Wash" building would be imminent. 

Today, we spotted construction fencing in the parking lot that will be placed around the perimeter while demolition is underway.

Although we will miss the vintage building and the terra cotta, we are very happy to see the ugly asphalt parking lot replaced. The asphalt stretches to the sidewalks on Wilson and Dover, soon to be replaced with a residential building with grass and landscaping. 

4555 N. Dover 

You might recall that the first proposal presented to Dover Street Neighbors was an arguably better looking four-story development. However, DSNA was overwhelmingly against the proposal, so the developer backed out

The current developer bought the property and, having seen the experience of the prior developer, elected to build under the current zoning. The present as-of-right building avoided any backlash from DSNA, and ironically was able to build bigger under existing zoning at five stories.

As one of our editors wrote in our group chat: "A textbook case of FAFO."

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