Sunday, November 10, 2019

New Residential Building Proposed For Dover & Wilson

1359-67 W. Wilson proposal (Hanna Architects)

A developer has proposed a new four-story, 40-unit residential building on the south side of Wilson, between the corner of Dover and alley east of it. It is currently a one-story retail building.

There is a downzone request, from B3-3/RT-4 to B2-3. We're not zoning experts by any means, but it appears to be the difference between a community shopping district (current zoning) and a neighborhood mixed-used district (requested zoning).
Current site with surface parking lot and curb cut on Dover (Google)

There would be no curb cuts, with onsite parking for 32 vehicles accessible from the alley. There would be four units onsite to satisfy the ARO (affordable housing) requirement. There would be no government funding, including TIF, as part of this project.

There are plans to reuse parts of the existing building's terracotta ornamentation in the new development, but that depends on the condition of the pieces.

Per Ald. Cappleman's website:

"Developer Jody Libman from Moments Notice Services is proposing to construct a new 57.6 ft., 4 story, 40 unit residential, brick and limestone apartment building with 32 interior garage parking spaces.

This proposal would require changing the property’s two zoning designations of B3-3 and RT-4 to one designation of B2-3. Alderman Cappleman will be scheduling a meeting with the Dover Street Neighbors Association and the 46th Ward Zoning and Development Committee to review this proposal."

Visit Ald. Cappleman's development page for more details.

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