Wednesday, March 24, 2010

City Streets Or Silly Putty & Chewing Gum?

Pothole season is upon us, and there are some streets that are in such bad condition that it looks like the patches are all that's left.  Exhibit A:  the NE corner of Irving Park and Clarendon.  If you notice a bad pothole, call it in to 311.  You can also make a request online.  Ask for repaving while you're at it.  We hear that there's menu money available for infrastructure improvements and as of January, it hadn't been spent.


  1. We need some major street work in this neighborhood. The city intends to host 4th of July fireworks at Montrose Harbor this year. Take a drive in the park along Montrose, around the harbor, and up Simmonds Drive to Foster.

    The curbs and the streets do not belong to the Park District; all those broken and missing curbs and potholes around the sewer catch basins located from Montrose to Lawrence are Alderman Shiller's 46th Ward responsibility. Once one drives north past Lawrence, the streets and curbs are in near perfect condition because Ald. Mary Ann Smith cares for them.

    Why doesn't the Alderman Shiller fork over her infrastructure/ aldermanic menu budget to repair infrastructure instead of funneling it away to her developer/nonprofit buddies every year? Why doesn't the city of Chicago, whose Depts of Housing and Community House control our TIF funds as if they were part of the City Housing budget, spend some money of it's infrastructure funds to fix the streets in the Uptown parks that the city uses for countless city-sponsored special events?

    The answer: because our alderman doesn't give 2 sh.ts about personally delivering or pressuring the city to deliver basic city services to her constituents. Nope, instead of being constituents whom she respects, she her taxpayers as obstacles to overcome or drive out of the community.

  2. Maybe a dumb question...but does the city fill potholes in alleys? I'm sure it's less of a priority, but the potholes in the alley between Lakeside and Leland east of the park are becoming pot-gorges. (Or would it be bucket-holes?)