Thursday, March 25, 2010

"O" M G

We have logos!  (Well, 1.5 logos, but we're sure the bulls-eye will show up shortly.)  Visual confirmation that Target is really and truly setting up shop.  Read a February interview with Target brass, exclusively on Uptown Update, for more information about the new store.


  1. Your statistic of 1.5 logos is incorrect - There is a HUGE Target sign along the red line in the back of the building.

    I don't know - I think the sign in back is really cool. Not sure how the condos on the other side of the El are gonna feel about it shining on them (or those that will be able to see it from outer space), but can't be any worse than the 100's of bright lights in the upper deck parking lot of the lovely apartment building.

    In any case, I am looking forward to welcoming Target to Uptown and hope they are good neighbors. Also, I hope some of their employees are able to live in the new apartments. I personally know many people who worked at Target through college and beyond, and they have all gone on to pretty neat things based, in part, on the foundation they got working there.

  2. Maybe they will have a tattoo department. That way, ALL of the local mom&pop businesses (that Hellon is always "protecting") will be driven out of Uptown. The only alderbeast businesses left are the drug dealers and the hookers.

  3. I don't know if there going to make the June 2010 deadline to open the store. Inside it still looks empty.

    I'm certainly much more confident that new residents in the housing will be registered to vote by February 2011 than I am in Target meeting their deadline.

  4. As a Target regular, I'm looking forward to walking the 4 blocks to shop, rather than driving up to Peterson.
    Will this be the shining achievement of the 46th Ward office, or merely a grand distraction?

    It should be interesting (or frightening, I'm not sure which) how the 'housing block' will affect the area in the future.
    I know that there is always a 'private security' car planted at Sunnyside and Magnolia. I can't imagine the flotilla of security needed in the future at WY?