Monday, March 29, 2010

Changes in Street Cleaning for 2010

From Ald. Tunney's latest email blast:

The Streets and Sanitation Commissioner's Office has recalled all proposed Street Cleaning Schedules for 2010. There will be a redistricting of all current sections throughout the City of Chicago into grids.  Please disregard all previous schedules posted on our website and on the City's website. 

We assume this applies to the schedules posted for Uptown, as well.

Update:  Crisis averted!  Aldermen get to retain control of their sweepers!  Read about the compromise here.


  1. This has budget cut written all over it! Like everything else, if the conditions of the streets become unacceptable, about all you can do is either A) report it to the alderman or through 311 or B) clean it yourself. Either way, we get what we settle for.

    Do your part by keeping the streets as clean as possible, using trash cans, and reporting problems.

    However, I don't recommend confronting litterers directly. I tried that once near the Lawrence EL and thought I was going to get shot or stabbed based on this guy's near crazed reaction when I politely suggested he use the garbage can 12 steps in front of him instead of the ground.


  2. Like canceling the 3rd of July downtown fireworks this is just pettiness on the part of "da mare".

    Street cleaning results in lots of tickets for non movement of cars.

    It more than pays for itself.

    Take away his Olympic dreams and he lashes out. Criticize him and he lashes out more.

    His Elective and Petty Majesty

    As for tax-dollars I think I know where some future TIF "waste" can be avoided.

    Also since the city council is largely a rubber stamp for the mayor just reduce the number of alderman from 50 to 1. I'm sure the Mayor's family has one or two nephews who might be interested.

  3. So this takeover of city equipment gives a whole new definition to "Daley Machine." :-)

  4. Don't worry, they'll find other ways to ticket parked cars in the summer.

    If you believe SSC, we're going to see stop light cameras at an intersections.

  5. Mr. Pirate:

    Somehow, I don't think you are quite cynical enough, if that can be believed.

    The point of TIF is not economic development, providing housing, or even infrastructure or transportation improvement.

    It's not even about building big box stores that will put local businesses out of business.

    It's about taking tax payer money, giving it to political financiers, taking money in quasi-kickbacks, and having the city skim a little off the top for "services rendered" with regard to managing the TIF.

    Look at the Maryville debacle-in-the-making. The TIF is going to take $70,000,000 from taxpayers, whose money should have, in part, gone to Clarendon Park, and it's going to be given to a developer, who is going to turn around and spend $6,000,000 on... Clarendon Park.

    Maybe I'm a little crazy, but doesn't that seem kinda FUBAR?

  6. You are all missing the real point. Yes, this screams budget cuts. Yes, cars will get ticketed. The beauty of this is now the City need not worry about what the silly sign says; they can ticket without recourse or regard.


  7. sounds like a scam to me. so that now people have to keep guessing when they're street is to be swept. The Department of Streets & Sanitation is changing the way that we sweep our streets. Starting on April 1, 2010, we will begin street sweeping based on a regional service grid rather than on ward based boundaries.
    We will use 33 sweepers, drivers and laborers to get the job done rather than 50 of each. At the end of a typical day we will have swept a comparable number of miles, 198 miles rather than 200 miles. And our services will be delivered equitably, with every residential street in Chicago being swept on an average of every seven weeks.
    We are redirecting the 17 drivers and 17 laborers made available by this service change to assist with our refuse and recycling collection efforts. This ensures that we will have the resources that we need in our alleys while still providing satisfactory and equitable street sweeping services in all of our communities.
    In the days ahead we will be working closely with Aldermanic Offices to provide them with details of the new street sweeping program and schedules for posting and to make sure that we are able to address any issues that could arise from this change.
    We will also post new information related to this service change on our website as it becomes available so please continue to check our homepage at . You can also contact 3-1-1 for additional information or to request a City service.

  8. What the Helen,

    Me, cynical?

    I'm like Jimmy Stewart in "Mr Smith Goes to Washington".

    "Mr Pirate Goes to City Hall".

    "Mr Pirate Gets Shot on Broadway".

    "Mr Pirate Runs for Office".

    "Mr Pirate Gets "Framed" With a Gaggle of Hookers".

    "Mr Pirate Blames Anti Piratism for Forcing Out of the Race".

    The sordid possibilities are endless.

    Here's to hopin' Shiller runs agin'.

    "You won't have Helen Shiller to kick around anymore".