Monday, March 29, 2010

Art Beat

We posted about the 50 Aldermen/50 Artists show and decided to go take a look.  Interesting!  The aldermen were depicted in all kinds of media:  Legos, video, photos, cardboard, tile... some flattering (Scott Waguespack, JoAnn Thompson), some ... not so much.  Some cooperated with their artists; some did not.  17 aldermen showed up at the opening, and a few bought their own portraits.  You can read more about the show on its website, and in the Huffington Post (with photos).  But if you want to see it in person, better hurry.  It's open during the week only by special arrangement and the closing party is Friday, April 2nd.

The three aldermen representing Uptown:

Mary Ann Smith (Ward 48)'s portrait was done in digital photos by Jon Hisel, whose notes in the artists' book said she was extremely accommodating.  Her only comment was that "I knew I should have worn makeup today."  Jon Hisel told UU in email that "She was very timely in replying to my request to meet. She took time out of her schedule to chat with me about my art and let me take photos of her in her office.... She showed a genuine interest in my work."
Gene Schulter (Ward 47)'s portrait was done by Phineas X. Jones, who mentioned in the artists' book that he didn't have a chance to meet with the alderman, so he used a photo of Ald. Schulter and the Mayor together as the basis of his work.
Helen Shiller (Ward 46)'s portrait was done by John Geletka.  He didn't say anything about their meeting in the artists' book, but we have a pretty good idea on what he based his work....

National Night Out Against Crime, Uptown Update, August 7, 2007


  1. I thought it was the rally held outside the Chicago 2016 event at Truman College last summer, but I realized my error: in this picture, she's facing forward. Had it been the event I was thinking of, she would have been running away and we'd only see her from behind. My bad.

  2. So is a blogger the original artist of the photo (ie., Shepard Fairey & the AP)? If so: way cool because the art represents Helen and Uptown in several interesting ways.

  3. As was just said on Facebook, we doubt this painting will be hanging over Helen's fireplace anytime soon.

  4. A pretty girl is like a melody. I hope she uses it in her campaign material.

  5. You folks are just big meanies.

    You should be reveling in the glory that reflects on Alderman Shiller. Soon the "Wilson Yards" apartments will thrive with the pitter patter of residential feet. Soon Target will open. Soon bangers will stage a street dance with some shooting in front of the Target.

    Gawd, how I love warm weather in Uptown.

    Just yesterday my crack team of internet sleuths, and I do mean CRACK, found this ad for Wilson Yard.

    Apparently it is in the Sun Times:

    Unfurnished Apts

    Settle into your new apartment at
    Wilson Yards Apartments
    1026 W. Montrose

    Don't miss your chance to move to Wilson Yard Apts in Chicago's thriving Uptown area and enjoy the best that Chicago has to offer! Rents start at $670/month! We offer 1, 2 & 3 bedroom units with FREE HEAT & A/C, new appliances, FREE Parking, laundry facilities and more. Income and credit requirements apply. Give us a call at
    (773) 857-089 3 for your personal tour of the Wilson Yards!
    Holsten Management Corporation

    I suggest those of you who are so inclined set up a tour. See what your tax dollars are paying for.

    Me, I'll just stay at home with my faithful dog Fala on my lap. Sorry for the inglorious FDR reference. Somewhere Fala is upset at the waste of taxpayer funds.

  6. When I see Helen's painting..I think of Agatha Trunchbull's portrait in the movie "Matilda"!!!

  7. And when they got there, the cupboard was bare.

    Many seniors in my building, fools that they are, fell for Shiller's low income housing pitch. Now that they are applying - or should I say allowed to fill out PRE-APPLICATION forms-- they are told that they "don't make enough to live there (either the senior or low income building)" if they exist on only their social security checks of less than $15,000 per year.

    So, who was rented all those low-income units before the application office opened the process up to the entire community?

  8. How unfair! The painting of Helen, makes her looks so Tiny and Trivial
    Actually, I think it's rather cute. Makes me think of a bit player from 'Wizard of Oz'

  9. Pirate, here's another artist's take: