Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Keeping A Scorecard

UU has added a new feature to the sidebar at the right:  "Hats in the Ring," keeping track of declared candidates for alderman in 2011.  We know the candidates and rumors are coming out of the woodwork, so the criteria is simple:  a formal announcement and a website, and the candidate will be added.  Right now there are three names listed in the 46th Ward, and none that we know of in the 47th or 48th Wards.  Click on each candidate's name for a link to his (and potentially her) campaign website.


  1. James Cappleman has been very active in the community the 6 years I have been here. Michael Carroll also has been visible in the community. Anyone know who Gerald Farinas is? His website talks in very general terms. I wonder how long he has lived here and what community groups he has been part of? Anyone have any more info?

  2. Farinas was an advisor to Alan Keynes in his losing Senate run in 2004 against that guy who won. Who was that? Oh Barack Obama.

    I can't take GF seriously. I mean he moved from Hawaii to Chicago and he expects to get elected to office.

    Ain't gonna happen.

  3. So why are people running against James Cappleman? Why didn't the 2011 campaign start in April 2007?

  4. G' morning,
    This is an early notice that Jeffrey Littleton a native of the Chicago northside will be running for Alderman! This will be a largely grassroots and analog effort to bring civility, empathy, and action to our community. Stay tuned!