Sunday, October 1, 2023

Three Losses Followed By Three Gains in Sheridan Park

4642 N. Magnolia 
There are three developments in Sheridan Park that we have been keeping tabs on. We drove over this week to see how things are progressing.

We went by 4642 N. Magnolia first (above).  

The development looks much better than the rendering that was initially shared and we think it is a great addition to the 4600 block of Magnolia. Readers will recall this building replaces a beautiful lost single family home and an unsightly empty lot, and we are glad that we will finally see new neighbors. Seeing things in person, we are fans of the large windows and the balconies on the front of the building. We suspect the units will be filled with natural light and will rent quickly.

4607 N. Magnolia
Next, we went to 4607 N. Magnolia (above). You might recall the dilapidated home that stood here as the white house with a wraparound front porch that was sagging off the front. There was a proposal to save the old home by adding additional apartments behind the home while renovating the house, but it was turned down by the local Magnolia-Malden Block Club and the home was lost.

A new modern single family home is rising on the lot. We shared a rendering of the home back in May 2022. It looks like the structural construction is approaching the end, and interior construction will follow as the weather gets worse.

4706 N. Malden
After a stop at Elevate Coffee at Wilson and Beacon (really good), we then headed slightly north to 4706 N. Malden.

With little notice, the buyers demolished the old home and built this new building in its place. The building appears to have 5 to 7 units and is similar in appearance to 4642 N. Magnolia but with grey brick. From the outside, it appears crews are wrapping up exterior work and the building should be welcoming new residents next year. 

To complete our tour of Sheridan Park, we looked at the other remaining projects started under Alderman Cappleman: 4701 N. Clark and the 5 story development to the corner of Wilson and Dover (the "Happy Wash" building). Both are awaiting final permits and little to no progress has been made on either site. 

Since we love our tours to update our readers, we look forward to reporting on all of these buildings soon!

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