Thursday, May 26, 2022

Rendering Reveal: New Single Family Home at 4607 N. Magnolia

Days after receiving a building permit, a new post to Alderman Cappleman's development page shows what the new single family home coming to 4607 N. Magnolia will look like.

From the Alderman's newsletter:

After a few years on the market, there was no interest in purchasing a Queen Anne home located at 4607 N. Magnolia. Many interested buyers stated it was not possible to restore it as a single family home given the costs and its very poor condition, and the City of Chicago was adamant that any new owner would be required to address all the building code violations. The local block club did not want an upzone that would have allowed additional rental units built within the back of the home, so it was purchased by a family who will replace it with a new 3-story single family residence that's getting built as of right. It's anticipated the home will be completed sometime in 2024.


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