Tuesday, January 31, 2023

After Block Clubs Approve, 4701 N. Clark and 3925 N. Clarendon are Greenlighted

We have been following the goings on with 4701 N. Clark and 3925 N. Clarendon over the last year and month, respectively. With two decision letters released yesterday, Alderman Cappleman endorsed the upzones for each property.

Both properties are replacing parking lots and in the case of 4701 N. Clark, an abandoned bank building. 

4701 N. Clark 
360 Design Studio

Continuing his typical practice for buildings under $10 million, Alderman Cappleman solicited feedback from the local block clubs. Both Clark Street Neighbors Association and East Lakeview Neighbors endorsed the upzone. 

3925 N. Clarendon
Jonathan Splitt Architects

Clark Street Neighbors worked with the developer over the last year to include several livability changes to the design, including the integration of a corner retail space across the street from Munno, Carol's and Chase Park.

The Clark building will be 5 stories and hold 37 units, 4 of which will be onsite affordable at 60% of the AMI. The value of the remaining three units will be added to the City common fund directed at those earning 0 to 30% of the AMI.

The Clarendon building will have 5 stories and 18 units in total

We applaud the efforts of the block clubs involved and look forward to new neighbors!


  1. Are those the mock ups? I guess it's not as ugly as it could be, but only 4 affordable units? Can we stop gentrifying uptown rents already too damn high

    1. Chicago is required to follow state law and can only provide incentives for affordable housing; mandates are not allowed by state law. When the Affordable Requirements Ordinance kicks in for an upzone, it cannot go forward unless it is followed. This development is complying with the ARO Ordinance.