Monday, October 3, 2022

Demolition Alert - 4706 N. Malden

4706 N. Malden (Google)

It appears the end is near for a single family home that has stood at 4706 N. Malden since 1898. 

Demolition permits were issued September 29 to demolish the Victorian single family home. The beautiful exterior shows some signs of wear and tear, and real estate sources we spoke to said that the interior was heavily compromised due to an overall failure to maintain the home in good repair as well as several renovation projects that were never completed. The home had been vacant for several years since the owners moved to Florida prior to placing the home on the market.

Given the severe disrepair, extensive water damage and years of deferred maintenance, the home had many suitors but spent a long time on the market with no offers. The extensive amount of work necessary made the home very difficult to sell.  The issues can be seen in the real estate listing photos.

The home sold for $540,000 in April to a suburban developer (SitePros). SitePros has a limited internet presence but has been involved in a range of multiunit new builds, mostly on the northwest side.  

While the demolition permit is a sign that the developer sees the home as unrecoverable, it obviously can be renovated as a single family home. However, since the lot is zoned multi-family (RT-4), the developer can, and in this case likely will, develop the lot with a multiple unit building. 

Recall that this area previously lost another rundown but beautiful single family home at 4607 N. Magnolia when the local block club refused to consider an upzone proposal that would have saved the building. 

Although things look very grim at this point, it sure would be nice if this home could be saved at the last minute, and we are hopeful that the local block club and public pressure can save this one from the wrecking ball.

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