Tuesday, March 3, 2015

"The Public Barber" Opens On Wilson

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In spring 2014, the City of Chicago announced a program called "Up the Block," in which entrepreneurs would compete to start businesses in vacant storefronts, with encouragement, mentoring, and financial incentives from community supporters.  (You can read more about the project here.)  Uptown was chosen as the pilot neighborhood, with FLATS/Cedar Street partnering with the city, Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Ald. Cappleman, Uptown United, and others to make it happen.

Monday it happened.  The first "Up the Block" business opened:  The Public Barber, at 1319 West Wilson, in the Norman Hotel.

Hard to believe this was once a cupcake shop!

Its website says, "Our goal is to bring the community back to the barbershop, through genuine conversation, community events featuring local artists and musicians, and partnerships with surrounding small business. Everyone is welcome through our doors … So please, stop in, say hello, and be groomed."

The Public Barber is open Monday through Saturday and can be reached at 773-754-7363. Its Facebook page (from which these images were taken) is here.

If you're in the neighborhood, stop by and welcome them to Uptown and wish them good luck in their new endeavor.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Learning Social Media For Small Businesses, Start-Ups, Entrepreneurs, Etc.

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click to enlarge

For more information, and to register (space is limited), click here.

Seaworld Food Market On Argyle Closes

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A reader says, "This company has been around at this location for a very long time, but it was empty for a bit and now is officially for rent." The storefront is at 1130 West Argyle, between the Red Line and Broadway.

One Earth Film Festival In Uptown This Saturday

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"Join us at the at ICA GreenRise (4750 N. Sheridan) on Saturday, March 7th for special screenings of documentary films about people claiming and reclaiming local food production. No Land, No Food, No Life, at 11am, explores sustainable small scale agriculture around the world and the urgent call for an end to corporate global land grabs.  Edible City, at 3pm, introduces a diverse cast of extraordinary characters in the Bay Area who are challenging the paradigm of our broken food system.  Both films are official selections of the Fourth Annual One Earth Film Festival.

Stay engaged after each of the screenings with solution-oriented discussions; tours of a solar-powered, food-producing, community-focused landmark building; and micro-workshops on urban gardening. Seating is limited. Reserve your tickets today. A $5 donation is appreciated per film—donations help keep the festival going strong!
  • No Land, No Food, No Life, a One Earth Film Festival Screening Event
    Saturday, March 7 at 11am (75 min.); followed by optional panel discussion and tour concluding around 2pm
    Co-sponsored by the Institute of Cultural Affairs, Oxfam America and Shift.
    Watch the trailer and buy tickets here.
  • Edible City, a One Earth Film Festival Screening Event
    Saturday, March 7 at 3pm (55 min.); followed by optional discussion, tour and micro-workshops concluding by 5:30pm
    Co-sponsored by animalia project, Ginkgo Organic Gardens and the Institute of Cultural Affairs.
    Watch the trailer and buy tickets here.
Find out more about these screenings:  http://animaliaproject.org/one-earth-film-festival-2015/

For Full Schedule & Tickets: www.oneearthfilmfest.org"

Uptown Underground's Grand Opening Month Begins Tonight

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Uptown Underground (4713 North Broadway) is celebrating its Grand Opening Month, and there's so much on the agenda.  If you want to stay in the loop, you can sign up for its mailing list, watch the events calendar on its website, and/or follow it on Facebook.

"This Week! A Little Something for Everyone!  March 2-March 8, 2015

Northbound Red Line Trains Bypassing Uptown/Edgewater Stations This Weekend

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Additional information from the CTA: "Signal Improvements and Track Maintenance will begin March 6th (9pm) to March 9th (4am). Work activity will take place at track level near the Lawrence Platform to the North and Clifton Substation to the South."  The Clifton Substation is located behind Target, so if you live anywhere near the tracks between Montrose and Lawrence, be prepared for some noise/dust.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Buena Bunnies Build Baskets, On March 22nd

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From Buena Park Neighbors:

"Buena Park Neighbors to Hold Buena Bunnies Event - The Buena Park Neighbors Association will hold its annual Buena Bunnies event on Sunday, March 22, 2pm to 3pm at St. Mary of the Lake, 4200 North Sheridan Rd.

Buena Park residents and Alderman Cappleman will volunteer to hand-craft baskets for the children of low-income families of Saint Mary of the Lake.  The volunteer-made baskets will be presented to Deacon Paul for distribution on Easter Sunday, April 5. Volunteers should follow the signs to enter through the door on the southern side of the western-most building."

Monday Is Casimir Pulaski Day

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The first Monday of March is that most Illinois of holidays, Pulaski Day. Most Cook County and Chicago government agencies and offices are closed.  Chicago Public Schools will be open.  Chicago Public Libraries are all closed.  Most banks are open.  Cook County courts are closed; federal courts are open.  There will be mail delivery, and CTA and Metra will be running regular service.

It's a confusing mish-mash, so call ahead if you have any dealings with any city, county or state office.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

It Was So Much Fun, We're Voting Again On April 7th

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City Election 2.0.  Updated information about voting in the city run-off election for mayor and assorted aldermen, including James Cappleman and Amy Crawford in the 46th Ward:
  • Not registered to vote, or would like to change your address or other information on your existing registration?  You can do it until March 10th.  Click here for how, including online registration.
  • Gonna be out of town on Election Day?  Election Day is during CPS's spring break. The last day to register for an absentee ballot is March 9th.
  • Want to early vote?  Early voting and same-day voter registration will take place between March 23 and April 4th.  The Board of Elections hasn't posted the hours and places yet, but it's probably the same locations where early voting took place for the February election.  Bring a government-issued ID with you, and you can vote at any early-voting location in the city.
  • Election Day is Tuesday, April 7th.  Polls will be open 6am to 7pm.  This will probably be the shortest ballot you'll ever see.  Mayoral run-off for everyone. Aldermanic runoff for Uptowners living in the 46th Ward.

Davis Campaign Manager Throws Shade At Crawford Campaign Tactics, Endorses Cappleman in Run-Off


In the 46th Ward's aldermanic election last week, candidate (and former chief of staff to Helen Shiller)Denice Davis finished third, while James Cappleman and Amy Crawford will meet in a runoff on April 7th. The day after the election, Ms. Davis' campaign manager, Cortez Duquette, took to Everyblock (and posted on UU's Facebook page) to make several surprising statements, including allegations that:
  • Ms. Crawford was recruited to run for office by Helen Shiller supporters, including O.N.E. Northside, the successor organization to Organization of the NorthEast
  • A company owned by Helen Shiller's son and former staffer provided paid campaign consultation to the Crawford campaign
  • The Crawford campaign paid friends of Ms. Davis $500 a week to work for Crawford
  • Amy Crawford changed her positions on issues, depending on what group she was addressing
  • Based on Amy Crawford's lack of community involvement, he endorses James Cappleman in the runoff as "the lesser of two evils."
Could these be the sour grapes of someone who campaigned hard for a year and a half, only to see his candidate lose badly?  Could be.  Denice Davis herself has distanced herself from his comments, has said she does not share his sentiments, and is not backing James Cappleman in the runoff.

But there are several things that make Duquette's claims intriguing. Regarding the claims about payoffs, the Davis campaign tweeted in mid-January:  "To those in the community that are tempted to take the money. The late Harold Washington said it best.  'Take the Chickens but, VOTE for Denice Davis February 24, 2015.'"  Additionally, Ms. Davis herself refers to "being sold down the river for 30 pieces of silver."

As far as ONE Northside trolling for a third candidate in the race, it could be.  When asked to list her endorsements in her IVI-IPO questionnaire, Amy Crawford said, "I have the support of Ward leaders, such as Randall Doubet-King, a retired pastor and board member of Planned Parenthood." While it's debatable whether Randall Doubet-King is a "Ward leader," to the extent he is known, he is known as a board member for ONE Northside.  He also accompanied Ms. Crawford when she submitted her nominating petitions.  (Regarding the implied Planned Parenthood endorsement, that went to Cappleman, not Crawford.)

So, are Cortez Duquette's allegations true?  We don't know, we weren't there.  But he was.

The original post is here:

"It was an interesting 18 months but things got colorful the last four months of the campaign when Amy Crawford decided to jump in the race. [Now] let me inform you that none of Ms. Davis friends got behind her in support of her announcement. Not even Marc Kaplan. In the process of Amy meeting with local blogs (Uptown Uprising) and neighborhood organizations, we learned that some of Denice Davis dear friends of 25+ years were trying to recruit candidates to run against her and James Cappleman. They recruited Amy Crawford. I later learned that ONE Northside was instrumental in the recruitment of Amy Crawford. Well some members of the recruiting team finds out that Amy Crawford is not as progressive as she claims and jump ship (I won't name names).

Moving forward, we then learn that Amy Crawford has retained Brendan Shiller and Michilla Blaise as political consultants. Brendan Shiller is Helen Shiller's son for those who do not know. Helen Shiller in some form is also a part of this consulting company.

This was strategic on Amy's behalf. I only frowned on it when she started saying "Denice Davis represents the old and the ward doesn't want to go back the road of Helen Shiller" all the while she is paying the Shiller's top dollar.

Amy Crawford has been inconsistent to put it nicely. Depending on what part of the ward she is engaging her positions change. Amy Crawford paid Denice Davis close friends $500 dollars a week to work for her. Considering the fact that Amy Crawford have not been involved in the community at all, I am pretty sure Helen and Brendan provided Amy Crawford their contact information. My opinion Amy is WOLF in Sheep clothing. Corporate interest.

I respect the fact that before James Cappleman decided to run he at least was hands on in the community in regards to his issues. I do not agree with him but in choosing the lesser of two evils, I endorse James Cappleman."

Later in the comments on Everyblock, he adds:

"Ms. Davis chose not to say anything during the election and I was under her direction. Denice Davis is a lady with class and although she was backstabbed repeatedly throughout the election she upheld who she was. I on the other hand cringed with distaste. I know it's all politics, but it is fair for me to voice my opinion and the facts,

Amy Crawford was recruited to run for alderman. Out of all the polarizing issues Uptown has faced in the decade she has lived in the 46th Ward her resume only list a seat on the board at Christopher House and work at a Credit Union. We can not account for one or two Uptown families she has helped. We can't say the same about James Cappleman. James Cappleman was involved in the community before he ran for office.

Amy Crawford is a sham and will do worse damage than James Cappleman can ever do. Frankly, I agree with Cappleman on some issues but make no mistakes about it I am an avid Denice Davis supporter/loyalist.

I have already spoke to James Cappleman's camp and assured them I will do whatever it takes to get him re-elected."

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Wilson L Rehab Begins Southbound Track Work In March

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We've seen signs of the Wilson Red Line station's rehab with the demolition of buildings around the station, but this is the first sign of infrastructure changes.  According to the Tribune, the construction will add two to four minutes to your southbound commute, as 2,200 feet of old track is removed and replaced.  Eventually all four tracks will be completely remade.  In addition, a new platform will be built during this phase of the construction.  Construction begins March 9th.

Great Raffle Prizes Tonight At Crew

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A reminder from Friends of the 46th Ward Schools that they are hosting a fundraiser tonight. All money raised goes to support the children in our local schools with school supplies and other needed items.

"Join us at Crew Bar & Grill (4804 N. Broadway) on Thursday, February 26, 7:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Raffle Prizes ($5 per ticket or 3 for $10)
  • Crew Bar & Grill (gift card & bottle of liquor)
  • Alderman James Cappleman (original artwork)
  • Begyle Brewing Co. (Swing-top growler w/ free fill & 2 tickets for brewery tour) ($60 value)
  • Fat Cat Restaurant & Bar (gift basket & 10-person cocktail party) ($200 value)
  • The Shift (one month casual co-working membership)
  • Tattoo Factory ($100 gift certificate)
  • Uplift Community High School (t-shirts & really awesome Principal for a Day Prize!)
  • Everybody’s Coffee ($10 gift certificate – 2 chances to win!)
  • Target ($30 gift card)
  • Loving Heart Vegan Restaurant ($25 gift certificate)
  • Brennemann Elementary Girl Scout Troop (5 boxes of Girl Scout cookies – one winner gets them all!!)
  • NCM Media Networks (amazing movie package with 2 movie tickets, a bag full of movie candy, and 11 movie posters, including 50 Shades of Gray and Magic Mike XXL!! – 3 chances to win!)
Other Ways to Donate
  • Buy a wristband for $10 and all wristband proceeds go to Friends of the 46th Ward Schools.
  • Show your wristband when you buy a draft and $1 from each draft purchase will go to Friends of the 46th Ward Schools.
  • Make a donation via Paypal with a credit card at the fundraiser!
  • Purchase school supplies online.  
  • Visit our website for additional ways to help."

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

It's National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend - Resistance Is Futile

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We love our local Girl Scout troops, and we love their addictive cookies!  Brennemann Troop 20317 will be selling cookies outside the Montrose/Broadway Jewel this Saturday, and March 7th and 21st. Help them meet their sales goals!  All the profits earned stay with the local council, and Scouts learn the essential "Five Skills" through the cookie program:  goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics.  You can find out more about local cookie sales at this website, including local points of sale.

James Baldwin Documentary At The Bezazian On Saturday

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Watch The Results Come In

There are two good places to watch the election results come in after 7pm, either the Chicago Board of Elections site, which seems the fastest to update, or the Chicago Tribune. Just keep refreshing the sites. Is it going to be a long night?  Runoff or clear victor? We should know by midnight.
We'll try to update in the comments.  Feel free to play along.

Update:  Final results from the Board of Elections:

In the 46th Ward:
  • AMY CRAWFORD 3,733 (37.66%)
  • JAMES CAPPLEMAN 4,635 (46.76%)
  • DENICE L. DAVIS 1,545 (15.59%)
  • Total Votes Cast: 9,913
  • There will be a runoff between Cappleman and Crawford on April 7th.
In the 47th Ward:
  • AMEYA PAWAR 9,740  (82.82%)
  • RORY FIEDLER 2,021  (17.18%)
  • Total Votes Cast: 11,761
In the mayoral race, the 46th went like this:
Emanuel 5858 votes (57.40%), Wilson 494 (4.84%), Fioretti 507 (4.97%), Garcia 3223 (31.58%), and Walls 124 (1.21%).

The 47th looked like this:
Emanuel 6231 votes (51.22%), Wilson 257 (2.11%), Fioretti 707 (5.81%), Garcia 4884 (40.14%), Walls 87 (0.72%)

The 48th voted like this:
Emanuel 5747 votes (52.18%), Wilson 441 (4.00%), Fioretti 540 (4.90%), Garcia 4140 (37.59%), Walls 145 (1.32%)

Election Day Is Here (At Last)

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The first aldermanic candidate announced her candidacy in September 2013.  17 months later, the votes will start being tallied tonight, shortly after 7pm.  Two candidates (Rory Fiedler and Ameya Pawar) in the 47th Ward. Three candidates (James Cappleman, Amy Crawford and Denice Davis) in the 46th Ward.  No contest in the 48th Ward, where Harry Osterman is running unopposed.  Then there's the citywide question: Will the mayoral race go into an April runoff?

Here's our advice to you:
  • Get out and VOTE.  Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been spent to get you to do exactly that. So do it.  Not sure of your polling place?  Look it up here.  Polls open at 6am and you can vote if you're in line by 7pm.
  • If you've got some free time, get your friends and neighbors to the polls.  Give 'em a ride or walk with them if they need help getting there.
  • It's not a bad idea to bring a government-issued ID or your voter card with you when you vote. It's not required, but it could make it easier for the judges to find your name in their books or computer terminals.  Pro tips: (1) When you write your signature for the judges, that's your ID - make it look like the signature you used when you registered to vote.  (2) If you know your precinct number, that will make it much easier if you're voting at a location that's handling multiple precincts.
  • If you see anyone being harassed, if you see voter fraud, if you see something that's not right, call the Board of Elections Fraud Line at 312-269-7870.  Shame (and a pox) on anyone who tries to take the democratic process away from the voters through the use of dirty tricks. Traditionally, those have included electioneering (passing out literature, wearing a campaign button, or otherwise trying to influence your vote inside the blue cones at your polling place); people telling you a candidate has dropped out of the race; offering you "help" to vote when you didn't request it; keeping you from reaching your polling place; asking you how you plan to vote; or telling you you can't vote today. This may not happen to you, but it may happen to people who aren't as informed as you are, the elderly, or people who don't speak English well. Please keep an eye out for them as well.
  • Be patient with election volunteers, poll watchers and election judges. They are community members who don't do this very often.
  • Most importantly, remember that someone will win and someone won't.  Feelings will be raw for a while after this hard-fought, emotional, expensive race.  But we'll all still be neighbors on Wednesday.
  • After the polls close, you can watch the returns come in online at http://www.chicagoelections.com/. On TV, in addition to all the usual 9pm and 10pm newscasts, CLTV will show Politics Tonight at 7pm and WGN News Election Special at 8pm. The Tribune has a live election page that will show results coming in at http://elections.chicagotribune.com/results/.
Candidates traditionally hunker down with supporters after the polls close to watch the results come in.  We are aware that Ald. Cappleman will do so at Michael's Pizzeria, 4091 N Broadway, beginning at 7pm,  Ald. Pawar will be at 4557 North Ravenswood beginning at 7:30pm.  We have not heard from the Fiedler, Davis or Crawford campaigns about their election watch events, if any.  If you know of them, please put them in the comments.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Vintage Garage Returns For Its Fourth Year In Uptown

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It was far from a sure thing, but we're delighted to hear that Vintage Garage will be back for another summer of showcasing retro, kooky, unusual and memorable items at the Aon parking garage, 5051 North Broadway.  Here's what we heard today from its founder, Melissa Sands:

"On April 19, Chicagoans can peruse 100 of the best vintage dealers in the Midwest with everything from antiques to Mid Century, vintage furniture, industrial, art, vinyl, vintage clothing, jewelry and anything in between.

Going into its 4th season, the Vintage Garage is the city’s only all vintage monthly market and draws vintage lovers from all over Chicago and beyond.

“The North side has quickly become the best vintage shopping in Chicago.  Within a one-mile radius of the Garage I count at least 30 vintage/antique or thrift shops. This is going to be the summer of vintage Uptown,” says Melissa Sands, owner of the Vintage Garage.  

New to The Vintage Garage this year, FLATS Chicago - Chicago’s community-focused real​ ​estate group that has a mission to bring big style to smart spaces - will be supporting the​ ​growth of The Vintage Garage Chicago by utilizing local partnerships and encouraging small​ ​businesses to exclusively partner with Vintage Garage. “We understand the importance of​ ​community and excited to shine a light and showcase vintage and art on the northside at the​ ​Vintage Garage,” says FLATS Chicago co-founder, Jay Michael.

Vintage Garage Chicago is held on the 3rd Sunday of the month April through October. This year’s dates are, April 19, May 17, June 21, July 19, August 16, September 20 and October 19. The address is 5051 N Broadway. Take the #36 N. Broadway bus or the Red line to Argyle."

Find out more at Vintage Garage's website, http://www.vintagegaragechicago.com.

Man Shot On 4700 Block of Beacon

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A man was shot in the lower right leg around 4:45pm on the 4700 block of Beacon, near Lawrence. He ran for cover in the lobby of one of the residential buildings on that street, where police found him and EMTs began treating him. The shooters are reported to have been in a red Altima or Cruz. Due to the increased police presence in the area since Saturday, police were on the scene quickly, and police helicopters were dispatched to find the car. We will let you know any updates as we get them.

Update:  Shell casings were found at 4755 North Beacon.

Update:  Police say the victim has several narcotics arrests, still looking to see if he has a gang affiliation.  Someone who lives on that block posted on UU's Facebook page, "Was talking to alderman Cappleman outside and he said the gangs are causing havoc because they shut down a big drug spot. Seems like they are feeling the heat."

Update:  Evidence technicians on the scene.  The victim has been taken to Illinois Masonic hospital, in "good" condition.

Not Sure What Mayoral Candidate To Vote For? There's An App For That

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If you're still on the fence about who to vote for tomorrow for Mayor, there's a free app called "Pollenize" that lists all the Chicago Mayoral candidates' stances on the issues that may be important to you.

Its founders say, "Pollenize is a visual and interactive interface that voters use to compare candidates’ stances on important issues facing the city. We are a non-partisan, apolitical organization seeking to provide residents of Chicago with the most accurate election information possible.

In doing so, we strive to ensure factual accuracy by cross-referencing each candidates 'statements' with official campaign platforms and relevant media outlets.  Pollenize is available for free on the web, the iTunes App Store, and the Android Market."

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Coyote Spotted In Bird Sanctuary This Morning

Photo from 2013, of one of a pair of coyotes frolicking in St. Boniface Cemetery
as cars drove past not fifteen feet away.

We know by now that there are urban coyotes throughout Chicago.  We've gotten a lot of reports of them in Uptown over the years.  They generally avoid humans, and studies show their major diet is rodents and birds, not trash or housepets.  They may be bold (I'll never forget one standing in the middle of Fullerton in front of Whirlyball last winter), but they don't enjoy human interaction much. A scientist estimates that there are roughly 2,000 coyotes in Chicago, and that human Chicagoans are growing to accept their presence.

So a warning from a reader if you're coyote-wary:  "Just wanted to let you and your readers know that a big coyote was spotted in the bird sanctuary this morning between Montrose Harbor and The Dock at Montrose Beach. A fellow walker warned me when she saw me walking my dog; then I saw two huskies chasing it back into the sanctuary.  I don't think it'll approach people; just wanted folks to be aware of their surroundings."

Number of Early Voters Rises Citywide

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According to AlderTrack, the number of early voters in the municipal election rose 23% citywide since 2011, from 73,268 to 89,867 voters.  Locally, the 46th Ward had 7% more early voters, the 47th Ward stayed exactly the same as it did in 2011, and the 48th Ward went up 4% (not bad for a ward with no aldermanic race this time around).  We're not sure if the statistics are for voters who reside in each ward, or voters who voted in that ward's polling place, since early voting can be done anywhere in the city.

The General Election is Tuesday, February 24th.  Polls are open from 6am until 7pm.  (If there's a line, as long as you are in that line by 7pm, you can vote.)  If you don't know your polling place, you can look it up here.  If you early voted, you cannot vote again on Tuesday.

Update On Last Night's Shooting

Ald. Cappleman's update on last night's shooting:

"Last night just after 5:00 p.m., a known P-Stone gang member who was a convicted felon was shot entering the alley behind 4650 N. Malden. He was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at the hospital.

Police are currently reviewing video surveillance footage from the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA). If you see any suspicious activity, please report it by calling 911. If you have any information regarding this incident, please call the 19th Police District CAPS office at 312-744-0064. Before the shooting occurred, the 19th Police District had an entire TACT team in the area and this team will remain in the area.

I have been meeting with the police and the CHA's security staff and property management over the past few months regarding one particular unit at 4650 N. Malden. Eyewitness reports state that the victim ran into this unit after he was shot. A few months ago, CHA reported criminal activity at this unit to the police and now there is a legal case pending with a hearing date in the next few months. I will continue working with the police and CHA to resolve this situation.

I want to thank the neighbors who have been calling 911 to report suspicious activity, which is how the police were able to gather the evidence needed to assist CHA with this court case. And while crime has gone down overall, just one shooting is too many. Every family and child should feel safe no matter where they are in the ward."

Friday, February 20, 2015

Chicago Architecture Opportunity In The 46th Ward

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The beautiful John C. Scales home on Hutchinson Street (photo credit)
via Buena Park Neighbors:
"Buena Park Neighbors is looking for volunteers to give tours of Hutchinson Street for Buena Park Open Day which will be Sun., July 19 of this year.  The Chicago Architecture Foundation will fully train us in history and its methodology.  Best of all, they will teach us their patented index card system that contains details on each building which means no memorizing.

We will start ‘training’ in the spring.  Our goal will be to make sure you are knowledgeable and comfortable about sharing your knowledge of Hutchinson Street without making it lengthy or exhausting.

For more information, or to sign up, please email Lisa von Drehle at bpod@buenaparkneighbors.org."

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Reaching Out To Our Kenyan/Swahili-Speaking Neighbors

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We've been asked to post this for the benefit of our Kenyan neighbors:

"Swahili Catholic Mass - Chicago - Summer 2015.  Fr. Sam - the pastor of St. Sylvester Church in Chicago, is coordinating a Swahili Catholic Mass that will be held in Chicago this Summer 2015. This Ministry is geared towards caring for spiritual needs of Kenyan Catholics in Chicagoland and all who understand Kiswahili. This is the beginning of a tradition and we are in the early stages of planning. We would like to include all people that would like to be involved in Mass activities including Choir, Scripture Readings and Kids + Youth groups.

If this is something that interests you or that you would like to be kept informed about, please send your Name, Email and Phone contacts to lucynguru254@gmail.com. I will include you in the communication going forward. Meanwhile, please extend this invitation to our fellow Kenyans and Swahili speaking community members - including those that are located in our neighboring states."

And the Winner Is ....

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Throwback Thursday: Memories Of Winters Past

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The Chicago Park District sent out this photo from February 1941 of ice skaters in the park at Montrose and Clarendon. Click to enlarge.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Intriguing Sign At The Argyle L

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Bezazian Library Presents Films, Author Talks, Much More in February

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What’s Going on at Bezazian? Films, documentaries, small business seminars, author talks, and story tellers! The Bezazian Library presents its monthly programs, with a special focus in February on Black History Month.
  • Elaine Hegwood Bowen—Old School Adventures from Englewood, Saturday, February 21, 2pm. In Old School Adventures from Englewood—South Side of Chicago, author Elaine Hegwood Bowen shares her recollections of what life was like growing up in Englewood when her parents migrated to Chicago in the early 1950s and purchased a home in 1959. She grounds her stories in exciting childhood adventures, as well as the cultural happenings of the time, discussing such issues as Dr. Martin Luther King, race riots, and integration. She provides a glimpse into what the infamous neighborhood was once like.  Elaine Hegwood Bowen is an editor, writer and film critic in Chicago. She writes a regular blog for Film Monthly.
  • Show Me the Money! Small Business Financing Alternatives, Monday, February 23, 6:30pm. An introduction to financing for small businesses and startups, covering costs of financing, financing options and criteria lenders consider. With Carlos Peña, loan officer at Accion Chicago. Accion Chicago is a non-profit company that provides loans and access to resources to small business owners and entrepreneurs in Chicago and IL. This program is part of our Shift Collaboration Space series of workshops aimed at those starting and running small businesses.
  • Reel Black Love: Documentary Screening, Wednesday, February 25, 6pm. Reel Black Love is a documentary about Black romance in movies and how those images have impacted the culture. It features interviews with an all-start cast of over 60 actors, directors and producers. This poignant, sometimes funny film is a social critique of the images of African-Americans and film and how those images have impacted the culture. Followed by a Q&A with the director and producer Darryl Pitts. 70 minutes. http://www.reelblacklove.com/
  • Listen: Voices Still Lingering from the Harlem Renaissance, Friday, February 27, 10am. The Harlem Renaissance was a period of cultural revival for many African Americans. Storyteller Velma Gladney takes participants back, through poetry and classic folklore, to that period in time to learn and identify the great sense of pride African Americans felt during the Harlem Renaissance.
  • James Baldwin: The Price of the Ticket, Saturday, February 28, 2pm. James Baldwin: The Price of the Ticket captures on film the passionate intellect and courageous writing of one of the major writers of the twentieth century. The author of novels including Go Tell It on the Mountain and nonfiction works such as The Fire Next Time, Baldwin was also a civil rights activist—a prophetic voice calling for Americans, black and white, to confront their shared racial tragedy. Run time: 87 minutes.
  • Teacher in the Library with Ms. Trista, every Monday from 3:30-6:30pm.  Get help with your homework for K-12 students.

Back Into The Deep Freeze

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Temperatures are going to be in single digits from today until about noon on Friday, with actual temps predicted to be headed below zero tonight with wind chills in the negative 20s.  We're Chicagoans, we know this is how winter works, but it's not much fun. Help keep an eye out for those who are sleeping rough, and take common sense precautions for yourself. Reiterating a post from last winter:
  • The closest hyperlocal weather reports for Uptown come from Weather Underground and Weatherbug.
  • Especially on Thursday, when the wind chill is predicted to get down into the -20 to -30 range, remember that Uptown has plenty of places that deliver food. If you go that route, be sure to give your delivery person a couple bucks in addition to your normal tip.  He or she's earned it.
  • Landlords are required to provide adequate heat to rental units.  The City requires a minimum temperature of 66 degrees at night and 68 degrees during the day.
  • Limit your pet's time outside.
  • You know the drill:  Leave a faucet in your home dripping to help prevent frozen pipes. Layer your clothes. Avoid prolonged exposure of unprotected skin.
  • In this brutal weather, please keep an eye out for anyone sleeping outside and call 311 and ask for a well-being check. There are still shelter beds available, even in the deep freeze.  City services will come out and try to talk the person into sleeping inside, and at the very least will try to talk them into a warming van for a bit.  If someone is mentally ill or under the influence, they may not realize the consequences of sleeping rough.  18 people have already died this winter from cold exposure.
  • Don't forget about the city's warming centers, one of which is at 845 W Wilson (moved from 4740 N Sheridan).  If someone is in a bad situation and can't make it to a warming center, call 311 and request help.  Police stations, park field houses, and public libraries are all de facto warming centers as well.
  • Last year, Ald. Pawar's office supplied a comprehensive list of how to cope with extreme cold, dealing with your car, your home, space heaters, etc.  You can find it here.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Uptown Underground Is Open For Business

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When Uptown Underground, at 4713 North Broadway, opened on New Year's Eve in the subterranean level of the historic Uptown Broadway Building, the City of Chicago put a stop to the proceedings.  Seems it's illegal for a "strip club" to serve or sell liquor, and the City couldn't differentiate between a place like the Admiral Theater "adult playground" and the coy burlesque performed by Kiss Kiss Cabaret.

So it is very good news that they posted on their Facebook page today:

"We are very proud to announce that the State of IL has granted us a license to sell and distribute alcohol. Thus, ending our licensing delays.  We look forward to lubricating Uptown residents and visitors for many years to come!  First show with a functional bar is this Friday: The Kiss Kiss Cabaret @ 10pm. Tickets are available now."

You can see the schedule for the many acts that appear at the Underground by checking the calendar of events here.  Besides Kiss Kiss Cabaret, there are plenty of other acts, including singing drag queens, magic shows (the Chicago Magic Lounge begins performances March 5th), improv, live bands, and lots more.  We urge you to check out their website for a full list of performers.

Here are some photos from last November, at the "mid-construction sneak peek" at the space.

One of the lovely and talented Kiss Kiss Cabaret Coquettes performing a fan dance.
More flesh was revealed, but we're a family blog.  There are sparkly bits hiding full nudity.

Co-owner Chris O. Biddle with Alderman Cappleman

Plans showing how the entire space will be used.  Half of the Underground is under the sidewalks
in front of the Uptown Broadway Building, with the other half being under the building itself.

Construction is now complete, come see the finished space for yourself!