Thursday, March 7, 2024

Lawrence Closed to Through Traffic at CTA Tracks Friday Night For Up To 24 Hours

Beginning Friday night at 9pm, and lasting up to 24 hours, Lawrence Avenue at the Red Line tracks will be closed to vehicular and bike traffic while equipment mobilization happens for the Red Purple Line modernization project.

Pedestrian access to Lawrence Avenue will be allowed, but will switch between sides of the street as things progress. The sidewalk on the north side of  the street will close beginning at 6am on Friday, March 8.

Work will be continuous until completed. According to the CTA:
  • There will be noise while work is being performed, including nighttime noise:
  • General construction noise
  • Beeping from backup alarms on construction vehicles and equipment
  • Flagging horns


  1. I am very excited for this project. CTA can do much better, but we are so fortunate to have real transit not only in the city but particularly in Uptown. More please!

    1. Have you been on the redline train recently? It's a godam mix of moving shelter and psych ward.

    2. It has been like that for years. Maybe it has increased a bit ( I take brown and blue these days)