Friday, January 31, 2020

Qawmane Wilson Sentenced to 99 Years For Arranging His Mother's Murder; Eugene Spencer, The Hitman, Gets 100 Years

Yolanda Holmes with son Qawmane Wilson
(2010) (from her Facebook page)
After more than eight years, the Uptown man who arranged to have his mother killed at her home in Wilson Yard Apartments, and the friend who committed the murder, have been sentenced.

Qawmane Wilson, now age 30, was sentenced today to 99 years in prison for first-degree murder.

His friend, Eugene Spencer, now 28, who entered Yolanda Holmes's apartment and shot and stabbed her, received a sentence of 100 years.

Both men were found guilty of first-degree murder in March 2019.

On Labor Day weekend 2012, Uptown awoke to the news that Ms. Holmes had been killed in her home by an intruder. She was a community mainstay, the owner of Nappy Headz salon in Buena Park, and had been photographed with Mayor Daley and Ald. Shiller at the opening of Target in 2010.

She was known for doting on her only child, Qawmane, sending him to private school and having him hang out in the salon with her during business hours. After his mother's death, Qawmane attended the funeral of Hadiya Pendleton and told media in an interview that he, too, had lost someone he loved to violence, so he felt he needed to be there to support Hadiya's family.

On Christmas Eve 2013, Qawmane Wilson and his friend Eugene Spencer were arrested and charged with the murder of Yolanda Holmes. Spencer was driven to Uptown by Loriana Johnson, who waited outside. According to news reports, Qawmane Wilson spoke on the phone with Eugene Spencer as he entered the building, giving him instructions on how to proceed to kill his mother.

The motive? To get access to Yolanda Holmes's two life insurance policies and her bank account, in order to jump-start Qawmane's career as an aspiring rapper, "Young QC." The woman who had given her son everything during her lifetime was killed so that he could get even more.

Justice has been a long time coming: it's been more than eight years since Ms. Holmes was killed, and more than seven years since the arrests were made.

Justice was finally served today.


  1. I once heard my mother-in-law say when you're having kids you really do not know what you having smh so sad

  2. Lawd Jesus Christ have mercy. F*cker had everything handed to him and felt entitled. He wanted more. Good God...

  3. It's really too bad that the mother didn't have her son in college or vocational training instead of spoiling his punk ass,he had no direction,apparently no guidance,certainly no morals...besides the kid is mentally deficient,he is carrying on in jail like he likes it. He is borderline schizophrenic,probably autistic,no mentally healthy child would behave as he did.