Sunday, September 2, 2012

One Person Shot Dead In Wilson Yard Apartments

The scene outside the Wilson Yard Apartments this morning
Lots of activity around the Wilson Yard apartments this morning near Broadway and Montrose. A reader in the neighboring highrise sends us this photo and says: "8 police cars, forensic van, news van at the location now.  Forensics team just went inside with forensic bags and cop taking lots of pictures."

The Trib is reporting ...person was shot to death after 5 a.m. near the intersection of Montrose and Broadway avenues in the Uptown neighborhood on the North Side, according to police, but details weren't immediately available.

More details as they become available.

Update: The Sun-Times is reporting that the victim is a 45 year old woman.

Update #2: The victim has been identified as Yolanda Holmes of the 1000 block of W. Montrose.

Update #3: A reader says: "Cop just walked out of the Wilson Yard Apts on Montrose with two huge evidence bags. Heavy presence outside on the street." What a very sad story this is. The photo of the victim's sister in the Tribune is heartbreaking.

Update #4: The victim, Yolanda Holmes, was apparently the owner of Nappy Headz Salon near Broadway and Belle Plaine. She was described by a customer last month as "very patient, sweet, funny and very good at what she does."

Update #5:  Ald. Cappleman tweeted "Spoke with police about Uptown resident who was killed this morning. Ongoing investigation to apprehend killer. Prayers for victim's family."


  1. Shiller and Daley promised this would be a dream public housing unit. The rest of us knew better. Not even open a few years and someone is killed. Now we have to worry about retalitation killings, etc. START KICKING OUT FAMILIES THAT HARBOR GANG MEMBERS AND CRIMINALS NOW! Start running license plates in the garage. We property owners are paying for this buillding, we deserve better!

  2. You have no idea what happened. A shooting inside an apartment building is more likely domestic violence than gang-related.

    1. Well now u no her son had her killed for 900000 and insurance policy

  3. How sad for the residents of this building. I've gotten to know several and they all report how well managed it is. I have also witnessed the management company in housing court dealing with problem tenants. Obviously something terrible happened but I wouldn't condem the entire building based on this instance.

  4. Yeah, violence is violence. It is not getting better in Uptown. in fact it seems to be getting worse I am sad to say. The only thing positive right now is that Winter is coming and maybe can catch a break.

    1. Okay sir, sorry but you're mistaken as far as things getting worse. You definitely must be BRAND NEW around here... Just in the last 3years things have gotten better.

  5. @ SuperHero, I have lived in the Wilson Yards Apartments in the Family Building since it opened. The Wilson Yards Apartments is far from being the projects. I work everyday and I am a productive member of our society. So this means that I'm also helping to pay for the building in which I reside in. It is very sad and very unfortunate that someone has lost their life. One should not judge a whole community because of one unfortunate incendent. In case you did not know if this were the projects the police would be here on a daily basis. Our management and owners work very hard at making our community safe. I really dislike when individuals within our society take one incident to say "I told you so".

  6. Way to put the cart before the horse, SuperHero. Maybe wait until you hear what happened before making assumptions.

  7. Geez, Superhero--get ahold of yourself...

  8. I was not supportive of my tax dollars supporting the construction of the Wilson Yard Apartments...but I will be the first to agree that their management actually does its job well and that the residents are exponentially better citizens as a whole in our community than the owners, managers, and majority of residents in the Section 8 buildings that got millions of our TIF tax dollars. Maybe Holsten would be so kind as to buy out Voice of the People and take over those buildings to clean them up....

    But the real point here is that one of our fellow citizens is murdered in her home--that is a tragedy, and for the sake of the Wilson Yard residents and the rest of us, I hope it is an anomaly. We don't know yet what the circumstances are, so jumping to conclusions is counterproductive edging on hysterical. The victim's family and friends are in my prayers.

  9. Looks like Yolanda was the owner of one of the local salons:

    Sad news for a member of our community.

  10. My building has existed for 40 years,and not one person has been shot or killed. This building has been open a couple years, is supported by MY property tax via a TIF that I PAY. So, yup, I am allowed to make a judgement.

    I find it amusing that there is so much condemnation of me when all I said is that families that harbor gang members and criminals should be kicked out. I never said close the building, kick everyone out, start from scratch... .Nope.

    So I suggest you all reread my initial post which I stand behind 100%. And if you have a problem with residents of public housing having to make responsible decisions that affect the entire community, then shame on you. Owners and renters of private housing have rules that have to be met, so should public housing residents.

  11. Per your [rather snippy, incidentally] suggestion, I reread your comment and I believe the condemnation comes not from your stance on who should and should not be kicked out of low income housing. Instead, it comes from the fact that you made a blanket assumption about what happened this morning. You immediately began preaching about those who harbor gang members and have gang affiliation.

    You don't know at all the situation--this poor soul could could have been extinguished by some random clown from another state. It's possible that this was domestic dispute. Maybe, just maybe, the perpetrator is a quiet sociopath who lives in your 40 year old, pristine ivory tower who chooses not to "shoot where they eat", as it were.

    The condemnation (or at least on my part) stems from how it would seem that instead of taking pause and acknowledging that a human being whom undoubtedly has at least a few, if not many, family members and friends who now have to put her into the ground and go on living without her, you instead immediately began worrying about how your tax dollars were being spent and used her death to launch your soapbox before the facts of the matter have even come to light.

    That is callous and unkind. That is what I condem.

  12. I saw Yolanda yesterday at her salon. She is a very very sweet and caring person. I just started getting my hair cut there a few weeks ago. I can't this happened to her.

  13. Jackalope, I will make you a deal. When the killer is caught, and I certainly hope and pray he is. Let's see what their criminal background is and how they came to be inside Wilson Yards at 5am....

  14. Tomato-Jackalope-and Bear,

    have the right idea. Let's wait to see what happened here. At this point this sounds like a domestic situation turned murder and not some random act of violence.

    Like Bear I didn't support the building of the housing at Wilson Yard and still think it was a tremendous and costly mistake. At $400,000 per unit most reasonable people would agree.

    Now Holsten does do a decent job of managing the buildings. He's also the taxpayer equivalent of a black hole who sucks up taxpayer money at a voracious pace.

    Close your eyes and listen to the sound. Do you hear it? Does it sound like a shop vacuum to you? Do you see the light?

  15. Uptown SuperHero! said...
    > Shiller and Daley promised this
    > would be a dream public housing
    > unit. The rest of us knew better.

    .... You, and the rest who think like you knew better because, ALL of you have those super foretelling crystal balls, that are never wrong!!

    > Not even open a few years and
    > someone is killed. Now we have to
    > worry about retalitation
    > killings, etc.

    ....Oh please, can the B.S.!! .... As of this moment in time, news sources are saying that it appears to be a domestic dispute of some sort, nothing more!!

    > NOW!

    ... And the Wilson Yard development does just that. ....Furthermore, just what do gangs, and criminals, have to do with this specific situation??

    > Start running license plates in
    > the garage.

    .... The Wilson Yard management there, does just that, on a regular basis.

    > We property owners are paying for
    > this buillding, we deserve
    > better!

    .... And the people of that development deserve a better, and *NON_Judgmental_Neighbor* that YOU, and your friends who think like YOU!!

  16. Superhero, I'm a little confused--how is that a deal? If the killer is a gangbanger do I have to wash your car or if not, do you clean my house for a week?

    And anyway, I shouldn't have to cut a deal for you to do the right thing and not jump to conclusions..

    If it turns out that this was gang related, I wonder, will all of your "I was right" and "I told you so's" keep you cozy company at night? At the end of the day, a person is still dead-you should not feel good about that just because you "called it"..

  17. Seems it could be a domestic dispute. When people get that close to you to kill, it's because they know you. Could be a robbery too. She was probably targeted.

  18. I have lived at Wilson Yard apartments for a year now, in the senior building, and what I am reading doesn't match my reality of living here. The management of the buildings carefully screen every resident, even going as far as drug testing every resident once a year at lease renewal time. The parking garage is locked and residents who park here must submit copies of our license and city sticker registration as they are renewed. The building management keeps track of these and notifies us if we are out of compliance. I have never lived any place where they are more careful! Those who are being self-righteous about "we property owners.... deserve better..." need to cut it out and pay attention to reality. Get your facts straight before you criticize.

  19. I see that every one is on her talking bout the apt complex an other issues.. but the reality is dat a person was killed... murdered in her own home its not domestic dis could of happened to anyone.. yolanda holmes was my family ( cusin) she was a loved person an a good tenant she will b loved an missed never forgotten. People please stop maken comments on things dat out of our hand an assuming how things happened. Because after reading some of your stats I'm kinda pissed off dat a family member died an you people is makeing dis pablisity and gossip witch ain't cool. No matter were it was at or how it happened she was a humanbeing an loved by hundreds. An to here you talk about her dealth for your own contravercy isn't rite... RIP to my beloved cousin yalonda holmes we will miss u truly

  20. Our sympathies to your family, Wilbur, and I know we all hope her killer is found and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Your family will be in many of our thoughts and prayers.

  21. My condolences to you Wilbur Holmes. Sorry for your loss. You must be in great emotional pain at this time. I will pray for you.

  22. for people who live there, does the building have cameras? If it does, I hope it will help identify the killer. I have known Yolanda for 4 years, when started doing my hair at her hair salon. I really pray to God that the killer gets caught.

  23. Laura N-BLACK said...
    > for people who live there, does the > building have cameras? If it does,
    > I hope it will help identify the
    > killer. I have known Yolanda for 4
    > years, when started doing my hair
    > at her hair salon. I really pray to
    > God that the killer gets caught.

    Hi, Laura

    ....An autopsy report revealed that Ms. Holmes had been both *Stabbed_Several_Times*, as well as *Shot* in the head. ....Also, a man was found within her unit with cuts to his face. ....So, there may have been an actual *LIVE_WITNESS* to what happened there, that morning.

    ....And to answer your question;-- Yes, there are "Cameras" in *ALL* of the driveups, and driveways, as well as in the parking garage;-- And at *ALL* building entrances, and exits;-- And *ALL* internal stairwell entrances, and exits;-- And in the elevators, as well.

    [See The Two Article Excerpts, & Links Below]:



    WGN News
    11:02 a.m. CDT, September 3, 2012,0,2513143.story

    Surveillance video may help police find out who killed the owner of a beauty salon in the Uptown neighborhood.

    Police say Yolanda Holmes was shot to death inside her apartment on the 1000-block of West Montrose early Sunday.

    A man was also found inside the unit with cuts on his face. Police are not saying if the shooting was a domestic incident.

    Holmes owned the Nappy Headz hair salon in the 4100-block of North Broadway. Holmes' friends and co-workers remember her as a kind and generous person.

    ........[/END Article#-1]



    Questions linger for friends of slain salon owner

    September 03, 2012|By Naomi Nix | Tribune reporter

    Friends and family mourned after a 45-year-old mother and neighborhood beauty shop owner was killed early Sunday, apparently in her apartment building in Chicago’s Uptownneighborhood.

    Yolanda Holmes, of the 1000 block of West Montrose Avenue, was shot shortly after 5 a.m. Sunday, police said. An autopsy Monday ruled that Holmes died of multiple stab wounds and a gunshot wound to her head, according to the Cook County medical examiner's office.


    [See Full Article Here]:


  24. I've been getting my hair done by Yolanda since 2004 and I am heart broken. Yolanda was a wonderful person that worked hard and cared about her clients. She was also a friend. I will miss her dearly. She will never be forgotten. The neighborhood lost a great person and neighbor. WE LOVE YOU YOLANDA! Rest in true peace!

  25. mother killed by her son and 2 friends for money. that just dumb ever i have heard