Sunday, September 2, 2012

And The Family Mourns....

Let's let the police and detectives do their job in finding out who shot Yolanda Holmes.

This is raw video from the Tribune of Yunae Holmes after finding out about her sister's passing, and it's very sad.  It is a reminder that deaths are not just statistics, but leave friends and survivors in pain and with heartbreak.  RIP, Ms. Holmes and may those who mourn you find peace.'s-sister:-

Update: Ms. Holmes appeared at the opening of Target Wilson Yard, standing with Mayor Daley, and spoke of her hopes. "She said she and her children 'now have a safe and stable home.'" What a sad ending to such joy. We hope the person who took away her dreams is caught and charged very soon.

Update #2:  The Tribune has an article where Ms. Holmes's friends and family remember her.

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  1. I live right by the salon and saw a group of people outside hugging and trying to deal with the massive grief.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to the family in their time of need. I hope the CPD and court system can help deliver justice for the family.