Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Farewell To The Lincoln Park Pirates! (Updated)

More to come, but this is what the Trib says in breaking news....

"The Illinois Commerce Commission voted unanimously Wednesday to revoke Lincoln Towing Service’s state license, effective immediately."


We are in full agreement with Ald. Pawar when he said, "Tow truck companies need to exist. They just need to learn how to behave. And they need to do it in a way that’s not abusive or criminal."

Update: If it decides to sue, Lincoln Towing can challenge the Commission's decision in circuit court.

Update: Ald. Pawar's reaction is, "Boooooom!!!! #LincolnTowing is done! License revoked!"

Update: Here's when they've been featured on Uptown Update, and it's not even close to a complete list of what made them "special" among towing companies:
Update: WGN is reporting that Lincoln Towing will go to court and get a temporary order allowing them to still tow vehicles. In the meantime, they are still towing cars... without a license at all. We at UU hope that anyone towed by the now-unlicensed company sues them for a great deal of money.

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  1. If they are towing cars without a license, that sounds like theft to me. I would file a police report against them for any car they tow after their license was revoked.