Monday, April 11, 2016

Lincoln Towing To Its Clientele: "F*** Off" & Homophobic Taunts

It's not the best time to be Lincoln Towing. With a citizen petition requesting that its towing records be investigated, Ald. Pawar calling it a "bad operator," the City Council holding hearings about its business practices, and the Illinois Commerce Commission considering stripping it of its business license, you'd think the owners, drivers, and staff would be on their best behavior.

But this is Lincoln Towing. Best behavior? Nahhhhhhh.

A long-time Uptown resident alerted us to his blog post about how he and his family were treated yesterday when they went to retrieve a car that had been towed by Lincoln Towing after a lunch out:
While outside with my mother, niece, and husband, my husband and I shared with the family how the community has been demanding this “business” be shut down for their actions.  While discussing this, one of their drivers sped into the giant enclosure with a new victim.  Within minutes, he was back at the gate ready to go hunting for more.  It was then that the driver over heard my husband and I talking about Lincoln Towing’s actions when he yelled, “Bet you like that faggot!”

Time seemed to stop in an instant.  I remember stopping midsentence talking to my family to turn and look at this person.  This middle aged balding white male sneered like he enjoyed this word and the hurt it can cause, and said, “Yeah you heard me faggots!” Then, as my husband began to yell, he sped away.
And then he went on to describe how the office staff responded to his complaint about the driver:
I asked for the manager, the owner, for someone to talk to me as to why my husband and I were called faggots in front of my family.

He continued to shuffle papers without responding to my questioning then said, “Do you have a car here or not?!”  I told him that my sister does but he said, “And she is done now so fuck off unless you have a car that you need released!”  He then left the office to go into a back room and shut the door.
You can read the entire blog post here.

Now, no one likes a tow company. That's not why Lincoln Towing is under such a microscope. It's the illegal tows, the injuries to people whose vehicles are towed, the attitude, and now the accusations of hate speech that have it in hot water.

Maybe Lincoln Towing needs to check out the demographics of 60640, which has the highest percentage of LGBT residents in the state of Illinois.

The author of the blog post has told us that he will contact Ameya Pawar, the alderman of the ward in which Lincoln Towing is located, and its chief foe in the City Council.


  1. Lincoln Towing needs to go period...

  2. This business and any with hate in its' employee policy handbook will close here in Chicago..period.