Friday, December 10, 2021

Uptown Real Estate Remains Hot with Near-Record Sale

Local developer Mavrek Development just closed a deal selling two of its most recent Uptown properties for $17 million, a near-record on a per unit basis.  Interest in Uptown real estate remains high despite the pandemic. 

843 W. Agatite - Source: Mavrek Development

As readers may recall, Mavrek built the now sold property at 843 W. Agatite in 2019, filling a lot that was empty for nearly 40 years

4714 N. Sheridan - Source: Mavrek Development

In 2021, Mavrek completed the Mondrian at 4714 N. Sheridan, replacing a shuttered recycling center and more recently a one-story building housing ABC & Me Daycare.

Mavrek has additional Uptown buildings in the pipeline, with the next project at 4501 N. Sheridan currently awaiting permits.

The Sheridan and Agatite buildings were 96% occupied at the time of sale, further proof of the active and thriving rental market in Uptown.


  1. Will they ever develop that massive empty lot @ 4600 Malden?

  2. "They" as in Mavrek Development. No silly, but you still knew that. It has been over two years, but the Alderman is the same, and as long as he lets YOUR block club make that determination, what has changed in the interim? Please stop pestering US.

    You know better, Tahoe. There's your Alderman, right there in the comments section. He's clearly responsive. Perhaps provide him with your concerns in a better venue?