Friday, January 22, 2021

Mavrek Plans 5 Story Development At Sheridan & Sunnyside


Rendering of Mavrek Development's upcoming residential building at 4501 N. Sheridan (NORR Architecture)

Current view of strip mall at 4501 N. Sheridan

One of Uptown's ugliest corridors is about to get a big boost, as one of two side-to-side strip malls is about to be retired at Sheridan and Sunnyside.

According to their website, Mavrek Development is planning a 5 story residential rental development that would replace the southern half of a strip mall at 4501 N. Sheridan. The current strip mall stretches from Sunnyside to Windsor and is actually two different parcels (with two different owners) and separated by a fence down the middle. 

The lot is zoned B3-3 and the developer is likely not requesting a zoning change so feedback won't be necessary from the local block club, Clarendon Park Neighborhood Association or the 46th Ward Zoning and Development Committee. 

The rendering is listed on Mavrek's website. Once we get more details, we will pass them along.


  1. Some have asked me if this development requires any community input. The answer is the developer is not requesting any type of zoning change so no community input is required and it will not go before the City's Zoning Committee. Per the City's Law Department, aldermen should stay within the bounds of the Affordable Requirements Ordinance.

  2. If your sensibilities demand a sterile concrete jungle you need to live downtown or you need to return to wherever you came from.

    Those of us that have lived in Uptown all our lives never thought we lived in ugly corridors.

  3. One strip mall down. Many more to go. This is EXCELLENT news.

    Plenty of vacant retail space nearby for the businesses to move into.

    Density matters.

    1. Seriously? With an the empty retail space blighting this neighborhood you want more of this mixed retail/residential? As someone who will be living across from this monstrosity I am not amused.

    2. The property owner doesn't need permission from anyone to build this development because he's not asking for any zoning change.

  4. Hello,
    I do have a question in regards to homeless people under the Wilson bridge. I’m sure we were all very excited when the renovation started and created brand new pathway, walkway etc which now is completely destroyed and the entrance under the bridge is not walkable anymore but simply blocked by those who occupied it for over a 2 years. We do have a lot of shelters in that area , is there an option to find them better joke without any conflicts and disturbance?
    Please let me know,
    Thank you