Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Just Do It

It's time.  Three BILLION dollars have been invested into getting you to the polls, so if you choose to vote today, you'll make a lot of people happy.

If you have any questions about where, there are plenty of ways to find out your polling place.
Four pieces of advice:
  • Bring a photo ID.  It's not required, but if for some reason your voter status is challenged, it's a heck of a lot easier to have ID with you than to go home, get it, and stand in line again.
  • There are a lot of judges on the ballot.  If you want to save time, just remember the bad ones and vote "no."  Check with VoteForJudges for a PDF file of twelve bar associations' recommendations.
  • Ald. Cappleman wrote in his newsletter:  "Questions or complaints should be reported to Election Central at 312-269-7870."
  • Save your voting receipt: sometimes it's good for a free drink.


  1. (P.S. Obama wears a "coat and tie" too). Why?

    Vote with your head, not your heart.

  2. I'll be at the Holiday Club sometime after 7pm or so to watch the Presidential returns. Stop by if you get the chance.

  3. My polling place is Truman. Might skip the vote to stay safe.

  4. Unfortunately there isn't much organization at Truman this morning. Many people don't know which precinct they are in, there doesn't seem to be anyone in charge to help direct people and signage is poor. Good luck!

  5. My polling place East Wood Tower at 4640 N Sheridan was a joke with numerous loud conversations (mainly by the election staff), voting aids who didn't quite know what they were doing, a bit of a line (because there were too few voting booths), and several flyers blatantly expressing 'vote yes' for the amendment to the TIF money reallocation, posted on the wall upon community/voting room entry.

    I never thought I'd say this, but the Lawrence House was better organized for handling voters.

    Nevertheless, all very small inconveniences to be able to exercise my right to vote. No matter your candidate of choice, get out there and cast a ballot today!!

  6. Is anyone near Truman now? How are the lines?

  7. If you vote at the Ruth Sherman house, make sure you know your precinct. There are separate lines for each one and some are shorter than others. The fact that the election site is down isn't helping.

    By the way, redistricting is crazy. 3/4ths of my block is in one precinct, my apartment complex is in another.

  8. My polling place is Truman also..

    I know it's been a hotspot for violence however I am not going to let that prevent me from participating in the election.

    I intend to make my suffragette ancestors proud and not squander the opportunity their efforts afforded me!

  9. Here in the Carlton In The Lake, Montrose & Clarendon area, it was in and out. No lines at all. GO ROMNEY!!

  10. Echoing Karen's statement about Truman. i was bounced from line to line. Poor signage. Was extremely slow. Took to long, had to leave without voting to make it work. Look up your precinct before going, and double check the line you are in.

    Everyone screams how important it is to vote, then you get to Truman and the set up is so lacking I question if my vote gets counted.

  11. The gangbangers can't hit the broad side of a barn most of the time. Go vote!
    My precinct was also disorganized but I plowed through it. Like ripping off a bandaid.9

  12. My husband went to Truman this morning and was told to go to Stockton Elementary because they had his old address listed which makes no sense at all because he had no trouble with either the last presidential or mayoral elections (we've been in our current residence for 6 years and he only moved across the street!)--they didn't even bother to look in the "big book". I mean, Uptown Rising mentioned above that there was redistricting but within one tiny apartment?

    He told me they were much more helpful at Stockton even though he was really supposed to vote at Truman he filled out some paperwork and was able to submit his vote however, only at the national level. What the deuce?!

    I have the "voter guide" that was sent to me which states that I am to go to Truman, I guess I'll bring that with me just in case there is an issue.

  13. I still remember voting for Franklin D. Roosevelt many years ago. Greatest president ever.