Sunday, November 4, 2012

Find Your Polling Place

In preparation for the ward redistricting, many precincts have been redrawn and many polling places have changed. What does this mean to voters on Election Day? The places they've voted for many years may be different.

You can check with to find your polling place. Alternatively, Ald. Tunney (44th Ward) has provided another way for smart phones:

Find your polling location on your mobile device

Use your mobile device to find your Chicago polling place for November 6th.
Text your simplified Chicago address to (312) 361-8846.
  • Use: E/W/N/S
  • Don't Use: Name, Unit/Apt, City, State, Zip

  • Right: 1234 W 56 ST
  • Wrong: Smith 1234 West 56 Street #100


  1. Thanks for this. When I used the link, I found out my voter status was "inactive."

    Apparently, the fact that I don't respond to mailings outweighed the fact that I have always voted in every single election. Fantastic. Guess I'll be bringing my ID ...

  2. I received four voter registration cards in the mail not too long ago. Two for my wife and two for me but for our home in Bridgeport and another set for our condo in Uptown we live at.