Thursday, August 9, 2012

More CTA Rehab Money

Coming so soon after our ick-factor photos of the pigeon-byproducts-infested Lawrence Red Line viaduct, this is very good news indeed:

"CTA officials on Wednesday expanded the renovation project on the Red Line's north branch by adding $15 million in track and viaduct repairs to reduce slow zones. ... About 1.3 miles of deteriorated track and rail will be replaced at the Lawrence, Granville and Jarvis stations. ... In addition, viaducts over Pratt and Lawrence avenues will be repaired." 

Not sure where the money came from, but repairs to the Lawrence viaduct are much needed and very welcome.  Well, unless you're an FOP (Friend of Pigeons).  The rest of us rejoice.


  1. That's more great news. I'm still curious what the ACTUAL implementation of all of the Uptown work will be. I guess beggars can't be choosers.

  2. Are there going to be any cosmetic changes to the Lawrence stop.

    Are they going to put in escalators and modernize it or is it just repairs?

  3. The pigeon dung is the only thing that's holding up the tracks.

    Be careful what you wish for

  4. @Stu, they're just repairs. Work at the other stops have included some fairly major work like partially new viaducts, new platform decking, stationhouse floors, stairs, and a lot of new paint and lighting. The RPM plan is many years and hundreds of millions of dollars away.