Thursday, August 9, 2012

Positive Loitering Cookout Friday, 7pm-8pm

Friday's Positive Loitering will be a little different tomorrow night.  It'll still be from 7pm to 8pm, and it'll still take place at Sheridan and Lawrence.  CAPS and JJ Peppers are co-sponsoring a cookout to take place in the Pepper's parking lot, with JJP donating the food.  Come ready for chow and conversation!  Set-up will be at 6pm, so feel free to come by early and help out.  Hot dogs, drinks and chips will be served at 7pm.


  1. Sorry, but JJPeppers sponsoring this is a lot like a pig putting on lipstick. They are one of the biggest contributors to selling single/small serve and VERY cheap liquor in Uptown..and causing a lot of grief and trash in the neighborhood... If they want to impress us, I suggest they take this opportunity to share with their neighbors that live in the area that they will no longer sell those items...

    (and yes, I know it is America and you can do what you want, but at some point someone has to have higher expectations of those causing the problems)

  2. I've never been to JJ Peppers but am aware of the discontent of the loitering and store content which causes so much unsettling among residents (I live 1 block away and obviously am not a fan of some of the attributed 'riff-raff'). I do have to say though, for them to sponsor or at least even show interest in such community events/awareness is outstanding.

  3. In my opinion, the real culprit in this strip mall is the US Sub and Grille. Every afternoon I drive by this strip mall and all of the usual gangbangers are camped out in front, usually with at least one in a car. Then they tuck into the store if the cops or clients come by. It is very obvious. I call the cops every time and report suspected gang activity, but I would imagine that if the store itself does not object then there is not much that can be done. I find this store to be far less active than JJ Peppers in moving people along, and in fact harbors them. I have never been in JJ Peppers when something illegal has been happening within the store.

  4. Don't apologize for passing judgement on people who want to do business in our neighbor hood. You obviously don't see the root of the problem and choose not to.
    JJ Peppers has done a lot in the past few years, as with all the other liquor stores in Uptown, they have stopped selling 40s, blunt wraps, and the cheapest of liquors in the smallest bottles. They have shortened their hours from 24/7 to closing at 2 am. I've been in there when they have called the police because of drunk and disorderly people.

    If you want to cast dispersions on a business owner, why not the owners of lawrence house who have fostered a vertical crack den for more than 20 years? A business who had to have their arm twisted into establishing even the most basic of safety and security on their own property?

    Yes, they are free to sell alcohol in small bottles because they choose to. So is Jewel and Dominicks. So is Foremost. Where is the ire for those establishments?

  5. JJ Peppers may have done some things but frankly,not enough. Lawrence House has its issues, but that has nothing to do with this post.

    I would encourage those in that Precint to look into the idea of voting it dry. Then, there is no issue. The precint across the street was voted dry and it works exceptionally well for the area....

  6. This little cook-out is a perfect opportunity to express concerns to the business owners personally.

    Maybe if they knew more people would shop there if they do this and that it would make it so.

    Communication...this is the right time. it is a social setting.

    If we vote the precinct dry as some have suggested kiss the proposed Uptown Music District goodbye.

    The only thing dry about a music district is the martinis.

  7. JJ Peppers is located in a package liquor moratorium area already, but the liquor license at that establishment goes back decades, and predates the liquor moratorium.

    At the community meeting a few weeks ago, the manager of JJP was there. She offered to hook JJP's surveillance cameras into the city's camera network so the police could view them from HQ. She also requested that the positive loitering take place in the parking lot tonight and is supplying the food. She has sent out water to the positive loiterers in the past.

    I'm willing to give JJP a chance to be a good neighbor. Many changes have come to the 46th Ward and Uptown lately, so I'm all for offering second chances.

    What I'd like to see is the owner of the strip mall be held more responsible for what goes on there, in addition to the retail businesses. This was brought up at last night's meeting and if memory serves, the alderman said it would be happening soon.

  8. Having just come from this event, I think it went well.

    Instead of sitting online kvetching, I showed up early, and volunteered to help cook & serve. Which gave me a great opportunity to actually speak with the manager and one of the employees.

    Sure, more people showed up for the free food than the Positive Loitering aspect, but who cares. People were there, we got to talk up Positive Loitering to people who maybe will show up and hang out with us next week.

    So thanks to the regular organizers of Positive Loitering.
    But especially thanks to JJ Peppers for donating time, grilling skills, and every bit of food that was handed out tonight. It's nice to do something a little different than just standing on a corner chatting. :)