Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Zesty Bites (Surf The Taste!)

Looks like Taco Del Mar's first foray into the Chicago market has ended, as the only franchise in Illinois, at 3955 N Broadway, appears to have closed  in July.  If you've got a taste for fish tacos, you'll have to drive to Michigan or Ohio.

A reader sent in this photo of the new restaurant that has taken over its space:  Zesty Bites / Surf the Taste.  According to its Facebook page, the menu is Mediterranean and Mexican, and it's open until 5am.

Anyone been yet?


  1. I have and I won't go back.. There was hair in my food. I should have known better when I seen the cook put chicken on the grill and when she thought about the amount she took some off and put it back where she got it from. Out of all the places I've been to this one and the place under the Wilson el won't get a copper penny from me, AGAIN.

  2. i tried to go in for a quick bite and they wanted to wait on me. take a seat they said. it seemed kind of odd so i left and said i had to use the atm. just didnt like the vibe.

  3. The food was great and the service fantastic. Will definitely go back and so should you!