Monday, July 18, 2011

Hot! Hot! Hot!

Dang, it's a steam bath out there!  Some reminders on getting through this hot and humid week:
  • The City advises on local cooling centers, asks us to look out for neighbors or those who spend a lot of time outside, and tells us how to take precautions in this weather.
  • Several local swimming pools are open.
  • There are water features at several local playlots.  We know about the Broncho Billy playlot for sure; if you know of others, please list them in the comments.  Update:  Aster Playlot on the 4600 block of Kenmore does, too.
  • We are very grateful to have an ice cream parlor in Uptown that's open until 10pm.  (Good reason to attend the CPNA Block Party meeting on Wednesday -- it's at the Purple Cow, 838 W Montrose.)
  • Tiztal Cafe (4631 N Clark) is known for its ice cream and oatmeal shakes.
  • Don't feel like cooking?  Uptown has a slew of restaurants who'd be happy to feed you, or deliver to your home.
  • Five and a half months ago, our lights were flickering because of thunder-snow, our cars couldn't move, we were digging out of thigh-high drifts, and the city ground to a halt because of the blizzard.  We longed for this weather then.  Something to think about.
  • Got any other local suggestions on how to beat the heat?  Put 'em in the comments.


  1. Uptowns large vagrant population seemed to be large as ever on Broadway & Wilson. The usual public drinking, foul language, loitering ect... The heat wave sure seems to bring them out.

  2. If you saw public drinking, I hope you called it in and were willing to sign a complaint. Otherwise, it's useless to complain about it.

    As far as the heat bringing people outside, that's a given when there's no air conditioning or fans available. People have gathered on porches and stoops for decades in the summer. Can you *imagine* the hellish conditions inside, for example, the Wilson Men's Club today? I can't even imagine how horrible it must be in there in weather like this.

    Like you, I object to walking through the gauntlet of public drinkers and foul language on our street corners. But you can't blame folks who live in unbearable conditions from trying to catch a breeze on a day like today.

  3. The new Purple Cow Ice Cream on Montrose works for me.

  4. Its legal to run thru peoples lawn sprinklers if in a public way.

  5. Aster Playlot (4700 block of Kenmore) has sprinklers in the back.