Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Evening Farmers Market Tonight

For everyone who's disappointed that Uptown doesn't have an evening Farmers Market, tonight is your chance.  As part of Ald. Osterman's Take Back The Block activities this week, there will be a "pop-up" farmers market at Buttercup Playlot (Sheridan & Ainslie) this evening, starting at 6:30pm.  There'll also be live music.

Lots happening this week as part of Take Back The Block -- check it out here.


  1. The vegetables were grown right here in Uptown, some on the top deck of the Weiss parking garage.

    You just can't buy and eat more local than this.

    It would be great to do more of these, I think Bronco Billy playlot and others are ideal locations. It would be good news for that playlot.

    An idea I've just started throwing around: Why not do "Pop-up Art Market? Why not Bronco Billy for instance, it has a former basketball court, good size and surface for small event.

    It would be very easy to organize. I could line up some artists myself no problem, we have local talent.

    Its just a new idea that came up while talking about this with others last week.

    People like art. But does anyone think a quick pop-up art fair is worth a shot, would I be spinning my wheels if I start harping about it?

  2. Personally I think it is a great idea. I think you should float the idea to the Alderman, especially if you are willing to help do the legwork.

  3. Curious to see what the turnout was? I was bummed I couldn't make it in time.

  4. I had a meeting last night, but drove past around 7:45. There were several tents and a good amount of people standing around. Maybe 25? I was tempted to stop, but since it was so close to closing time, I figured they would be wanting to pack up and get home. Wish I'd been able to get there earlier.