Tuesday, June 28, 2011

First Responders

On Uptown Update's Facebook page, a reader posted this very dramatic shot of 23rd District cops running towards the sound of gunfire Sunday evening. "This was right after two shots were fired near the corner of Wilson and Broadway. 6/26 at about 9:50 PM." Great photo, great response.


  1. I know most who read and post on UU have a great deal of respect for the CPD. But if you ever had any doubt about the service those men and women give our community this photo should help. Wow! Thankyou!

  2. So what was the outcome of this? We seriously need a mini police station here.

    Oddly enough, last night, we were driving home with an out-of-town guest, driving through this intersection and we were telling this guest that this is actually a pretty dangerous intersection. We look on the east side of Broadway, and what do we see? A dude getting frisked on a cop car.

  3. This is an amazing photo. Anyone's instinct is to run from gunfire and these guys are running to it. Thanks!

  4. Not many of us run toward gunfire. Good job officers.

  5. This photo reminds me of an old public service announcement that was created by the National Fraternal Order of Police and run on TV years ago.

    The entire video was shot from a single camera from across the street of the mouth of a dark alley. You can barely make out the alley entrance and nothing beyond that.

    As the camera begins to very slowly pan forward, muffled voices are heard coming from deep within the alley, then some scuffling sounds and an unintelligible yell. Suddenly, two bright flashes and loud cracks of gunfire ring out. Then, silence.

    Now the camera has advanced to about halfway across the street, still looking into that dark, silent alley when you can hear the faint sound of a police siren approaching, and the crackle of a police radio... "Shots Fired!, Shots Fired! in the alley..." Next, the approach of a racing car engine and screeching brakes and you can now see the bright flashes of emergency lights bouncing off the walls on either side of the alley.

    The camera is at the opposite curb now, and is at ground level, when running footsteps are heard approaching and a uniformed officer, gun in hand, runs past and into the darkness on the left side and then another on the right. Quickly there is another flash of gunfire from the alley, then silence. The narrator then says "Most people wouldn't run into this alley for a million dollars... Cops do it for a lot less. This public service announcement is brought to you by the National Fraternal Order of Police. Please support your men and women of law enforcement".

    Quite an expressive shot.

  6. so were the goofballs who videotape the police dealing with gangbangers and the like photographing this?

  7. Can we all agree that the guy on the left IS running away from the gunfire?

    I kid, I kid, Kudo's officers! Thanks for all you do.

  8. James,

    What is your obsession with people that videotape the police? If the police are doing their job, they have nothing to worry about.

  9. Wow. Great photo.

    Amazing, brave work from the police.

    Hopefully, we can all get together to make theit jobs a little easier in these parts.

  10. i moved away from uptown six months ago and haven't thought about it once until i saw this photo pop up in my blogs rss feed.

    doesn't look like much has changed.

  11. Moosh said...

    i moved away from uptown six months ago and haven't thought about it once until i saw this photo pop up in my blogs rss feed.

    doesn't look like much has changed.

    June 28, 2011 2:44 PM.

    You know Moosh I doubt anyone here had thought about you since you were kind enough to leave.

    Stop back in six months again!


  12. Thanks, officers, for all that you do. You have more support in this city than you realize!!
    Keep up the great work.

  13. Unfortunately what the community needs is a charismatic, sensible leader to start teaching these kids young that this is not the life they want to lead...so scenes like this become more and more rare.
    Anybody want to step up?

  14. Cops grab Uptown 19 year old with loaded gun at Water Tower Place.

    I'd call that a "first response".

    It's always nice to see our young adults making news outside the community.

  15. how am i "obsessed"? I left one comment on this subject and i am "obsessed"?

  16. @ IrishPirate thanks for the link. Once again if you are not guilty why run.

  17. @james

    Ok, your not obsessed. Can you please explain your post... "so were the goofballs who videotape the police dealing with gangbangers and the like photographing this?"

    What are you trying to say/ask?

  18. Philly, I believe James is referring to Copwatch.

  19. Philly (who STOLE part of MY screenname) I think that those that spend their time video taping cops are IDIOTS! YES, IDIOTS.. I think they are looking for any excuse they can to put Police in a bad light and are a bunch of government subsidized, taking my tax dollars then bitching, poor excuse CITIZENS... if you tape them, this means you .. just so you do not think there is any confusion...

    Why dont they/you spend their time videotaping and naming the freeking gang bangers and thugs? now THAT would be a service to the community. not some idiotic, tilting at the windmills plot to tape First Responders who are doing the best to keep us law abiding folks save.. not that you would care about that.. they may not be perfect, but by God, at least they are on the right side of justice!

    Philly, when you called the cops last year when your place was broken into and video tape recorder. among other things, was stolen last year, didnt you find it.. I dont know... ironic? LOL

  20. @Caring neighbs, thank you.

    @Uptown Superhero.

    Haha, ummmmm what now?! I started reading your post and then everything got confusing when you changed tense's and started saying "You", as if I am somehow related or affiliated with people taping first responders?

    Then things got really wierd when you explicitly said

    "Philly, when you called the cops last year when your place was broken into and video tape recorder. among other things, was stolen last year, didnt you find it.. I dont know... ironic? LOL"

    So, then, putting two and two together I did a little research and read about the CopWatch cameras etc being stolen from a church here in Uptown. And thought, wait a second, is UptownSuperhero actually telling me that I am someone else? Does this blogger actually have the gall to make such an outlandish claim?

    YOU sir, must think your smart! Let me take a moment to LOL at, er, with your "LOL", since none of it is actually directed at me!

    I never have heard of Copwatch until James made a comment about them in THIS POST! I am not, nor have not, been affiliated with copwatch or any similar type of organization in my life. My apartment on the 800 block of Agatite has never been broken into, and my VX2100 camera is still safe and sound at the skateshop where it always is. I film skateboarding, not cops, so save your self-righteous diatribe for somebody YOU ACTUALLY KNOW!

  21. Hey, after seeing the posts here I think I may transfer into 023. I'm not used to this show of support. Where I work the Police are hated and attacked by the thugs whenever they think they can get away with it. Nice to see a community support the Police.

    To the poster who inquired about someone elses obsession with copwatch. I've never seen them but how would you like to be followed aroind at work and photographed as you do your job? I know,I know, you wouldn't mind because you are not doing anything wrong. Sure.

    To IIRC, ChipDouglas, How do you know that there were not two offenders?

  22. @ BigDaddy and everyone else who makes up stuff as they read these posts.

    I am not a CopWatch supporter! I simply asked what the hell it was! Then had someone accuse me of being one of them! READ THE POST, maybe even twice, before you comment. I simply asked what the beef was, and now that I know about Copwatch, I see why.

    To answer your question, no I would not like people filming me work all day (because they would be appalled at how much time I spend on UU) but I also understand why some people video first responders. Sure, there are better uses of their time, that is why I will never be one of those people, but I can understand why. There is corruption and abuses of power everyday.

    But in Uptown, we support our 'troops' and I certainly wouldn't waste time taping them. I could save some time by simply putting a camera on a tri-pod at lawrence and sheridan and filming all the hand2hands on that corner. (but the camera would get stolen so that wouldn't work ;)

    @all cops and uptown citizens

    I support you wholeheartedly. Another way to garner support and keep it is to not be a d!*$!!!!! Cheers.

  23. CPD first repsonders are the heroes in Uptown!