Tuesday, January 18, 2011

And The Ballot Is Set (Finally)

With today's ruling by the Board of Elections that Caitlin McIntyre has enough valid signatures to remain on the 46th Ward ballot, we have finally reached an end to the challenge process and the ballot is set (barring, of course, any last-minute withdrawals, such as that by Gene Schulter yesterday).

So, in the 46th Ward, there are 11 candidates for alderman; 4 in the 47th Ward; and 5 in the 48th.

And not an incumbent in sight.  Fasten your seatbelts, it sure looks to be a bumpy ride to the probable run-offs in April.


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  2. Is there some sort of preliminary run off for aldermanic elections? Or are there actually 11 people on the final ballot? So, someone could win with a 15% majority vote?

  3. If no candidate receives 51% of the vote, the two candidates with the most votes face off in a run-off election on April 5.

  4. The horror is upon our mailboxes!

    The election is nigh!

    I received the first piece of campaign mail today:

    Molly Phelan:

    The only
    candidate for
    who had a plan
    to crack down
    on crime.

    Molly Phelan
    Will Keep Our Streets Safe

    Then two photos of Molly with a rather rotund CPD member. I don't know if he's taking a bite out of crime or spending too much time at Old Country Buffet.

    With 34 days until the election I expect about 60 more pieces of mail prior to the election. Say roughly 8 per serious candidate or semi serious candidate.

    By the way I expect 1 or 8 other candidates might dispute the claim that Phelan is the ONLY candidate with a plan to crack down on crime.

    Hell, Mike Carroll's whole candidacy seems to be based on cracking down on crime.

    I really shoulda run. I coulda dressed up like McGruff the Crime Dog and appeared at corners chasing gangbangers whilst trying to bite them.

  5. Thanks gordon, that is somewhat of a relief!

  6. IrishPirate I've seen that mailer from Molly as well. Does Caps or CPD support her? I wonder if having an on-duty chicago police officer with his police vehicle in her mailings is ethical? Would like to get some feedback on that from you and others. I suppose the mailings will be pouring in from the other candidates as well very soon. I would take a look at them all and my suggestion is if you get someone's you don't want, at least recycle them if you can.