Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"We’re Kind Of All Looking Out For Each Other Anyway"

It's one street (Broadway) running through one community (Uptown), but it's two different wards, developed under two different aldermen with very different ideas about what ingredients go into creating a successful neighborhood.  Read Medill Reports' "Nefarious" Activities In 46th Alarm Neighboring Ward.

Our favorite line is from Shake Rattle & Read's Ric Addy, who's been here long enough to have seen it all.  In reference to the Wilson Red Line station, he says:  "I think it’s worse than a toilet."

[Psst!  Jones Lang Lasalle, are you listening?  The brown paint was an improvement, but that was a couple years ago, and things have gotten worse.  We could use a little help here.  Maybe some rehab.  Some marketing.  Some retail tenants.  Hello... hello... is this thing on?]


  1. Interesting article, but lacks substance. How about truly investigating why there is such a “dichotomy between the wards”. How about investigating why the 46th ward “always [has] something nefarious” going on and the 48th Ward does not. How about talking to more candidates than just Michael Carroll about how to change this dichotomy and how the two wards can come together and unify the stretch of Broadway that connects the two wards (or “worlds”).

    I appreciate that fact that Ms. Born mentioned the recent gang bust; however, she needed to find out why more investigations and busts have not occurred over the years to keep crime down in the 46th Ward. She also needs to investigate why the 46th and the 48th ward aldermans have not previously worked well together to develop the area. She needs to find out why Andersonville is “quaint and beautiful” and Uptown has “nefarious” activity.

    I am glad outsiders are looking in wondering why there is such a dramatic difference between Uptown and Andersonville, but Ms. Born needs to do a little more investigative reporting and a little less fluff writing. Honestly a middle school student could have written this piece.

    BTW- loved Ric Addy’s comment about the Wilson El !

  2. Get rid of the Wilson Men's Hotel and the street peddlars...I noticed the individual selling soap and shampoo out of a suitcase was back on his corner at Wilson and Broadway (next to the currency exchange) hawking his wares even with the cold weather. If I were a real estate investor or business owner, I sure wouldn't want to set up shop at Wilson unless I had no other choice. Change the environment and you'll get more businesses...otherwise, say hello to another wig shop, hiphop clothing emporium, check cashing facility, or payday loan service.

  3. The latest on the empty storefronts at Wilson El stop via a voicemail from Jones Lang Lasalle today. I asked them why the storefronts are not being marketed by them or the cta.

    -Flooding damage recently has delayed the retail project. (Flooding? What flooding?!)
    -The CTA will repair the flood damage before issuing a public RFP (request for proposals) for the retail space.
    (Of course, no timeline for that work is available)
    -CTA is focusing their efforts on another RFP that should be released by mid 2011, offering open spaces along the brown/red line near Belmont/Barry avenues.
    (Those spaces are empty lots! There is nothing there, so why those are priority is beyond me).

    If you'd like to be notified about the RFP for the Wilson El, go to

    If we don't pressure the city, the ward, and the CTA, our poor Wilson stop will crumble to the ground before it is fixed.