Wednesday, January 19, 2011

46th Ward Candidate Forum Coverage

via Gay Chicago Magazine
By Gary Barlow

CHICAGO – All 11 candidates in the free-for-all that is the 46th Ward contest to succeed retiring Ald. Helen Shiller spoke Jan. 17 at a well attended community forum sponsored by Buena Park Neighbors at the National Pastime Theater.

The crowded field in the Feb. 22 city election includes two gay candidates, James Cappleman and Don Nowotny, as well as lesbian candidate Emily Stewart, who would be the first openly lesbian member of the Chicago City Council. The ward, which takes in Uptown, Buena Park, Gill Park and part of Lake View, has one of the highest percentages of LGBT residents in the country.

But it's also been plagued with violent crime in some blocks in recent years, as well as vacant storefronts along some commercial strips, and those topics were among the most discussed by the candidates. Continue Reading


  1. 12 Gauge Park?

    Gage Park is on da SW side.

  2. Maybe he meant "Gill Park." Simmah down, folks.

  3. My bad. Gill Park, not Gage Park. Blame it on me for not catching this error. It's fixed on the website and you saved me from having the mistake published in print next Tuesday. Hat-tip UptownR.

  4. I think for me this photo captured what I took away from the BP candidate forum: The campaigns thus far have been quite civil (especially compared to the tactics of the last 46th ward election). The candidates seem willing to listen to each other and incorporate good ideas into their own plans when appropriate. Granted as I've mentioned before there was one candidate who scared me, but other than that person, they were all civil.

    If you hear a good idea from the candidate you weren't initially voting for, maybe see if your main choice would be willing to consider it. Yes I know talk is cheap, but it's still worth a try.