Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"The 46th Ward Great Debate"

Date: January 29, 2011

Place: Borders Uptown (4718 N. Broadway near Lawrence)
Second floor by windows with view of Riviera, Pancake House, and Lawrence Ave.

Time: 2pm-4pm (11 Aldermanic candidates as well as the public are welcome to stay until 9pm store closing time)

Sponsored by: Borders Uptown and Clarendon Park residents

Organized by:
Marlise Fein

How do I get involved/provide questions?
Please contact Marlise Fein at with your important questions and if interested in being part of the 46th Ward Great Debate committee.


  1. HA! I think it's hilarious that the "46th Ward Great Debate" is being held at a business that is neither in the ward nor within the block club boundaries of the sponsoring group!

    Was there no church or other community building available in the ward/neighborhood?

  2. I hope Borders gets some business out of it!

  3. Actually.....Borders is in the ward.

    Besides that there was another forum I just saw at the Peoples Church tonight.

    As well I am moderating a total of 8 on Thursdays and Tuesdays right here on Malden St., and there are others as well so.....come early and come they say.

    Check the link below for all of the times and dates, they are also in the sidebar on the UU calander.

    Our forums have only one candidate at a time so its a chance to allow the candidate to go a little more in depth on the issues, and many of our issues do in fact have depth.

    It is worth noting that ours is the only one with a theme song and for that very reason alone its worth your attendance.

    Cheers and hope to see one and all there, 6pm start time!

    Jeffrey Littleton

  4. I think Borders was actually carved out of the Ward so that it wouldn't be ruined by Helen.

  5. Borders is actually in 48th Ward but it is closed enough. I think we have too many boundaries for too many districts and it really confuses many voters.

    Instead of debating the physical locality of the site, I think we need to thank people like Ms. Fein for volunteering her time and keeping voters informed.

    Have a good one.

  6. No, actually, Borders is in the 48th ward.

  7. Ok

    Your definately looking at the correct map for the 48th. Your just reading it wrong, the streets are not labeled very well so it is understandable.

    Let's try this. Borders is on a triangular block right?

    Look at the south end of the 48th and you will not see the triangular block (racine, brdway, leland).

    Go to the 46th map and you will in fact see it.

    That intersection makes no sense as far as ward boundries go. Howevever that may or may not change as a result of the recent census and upcoming redistricting.

    Either way Andy is correct....close enough.


  8. Who cares what ward Borders is in, we can hold this forum in Indiana for all I care. Just do it! On a sidenote, GO BEARS!

  9. According to the City Clerk, 4718 N Broadway (the address given for Borders) is in the 48th Ward. Thus endeth the lesson.

  10. Really? Clarendon Park Field house is $120.00 per hour on the weekends. You might even try to get the fee waived, that is, if Shiller’s office would feel inclined to return phone calls. Then of course there could be a door charge! Public Schools... sure, even great, that is if the Principle and staff will give you a call back. A local business, yes, I know Borders is a chain, but still a local business, which employs local residents, why not! And with the crazy zoning of the 46th Ward... who really gives a rip. So ultimately what does it matter where it’s held or what group is sponsoring it, if any? It’s great that residents actually care about where they live and want to meet, hear and question the candidates as to why they should be the next Alderman of the 46th Ward.

    Cheers out to you! Ms. Fein.