Thursday, January 20, 2011

Commenters, Please Read

A few guidelines for commenters:
  • There are a lot of new people posting here in recent weeks.  Welcome!  A word of advice:  If you've never commented here before and you find you really, really want to sing the praises of your Candidate of Choice, don't cheerlead in every single post.  We'd like to get to know you, not just who you support politically.
  • For everyone:  As in life, people will disagree with your opinion on occasion.  If you can have a discussion about the issues or to defend your opinions, fine.  But stop right there if you're commenting only to tell someone they, or the group they're part of, are idiots because they don't agree with you.  Deep breaths and civility go a long way.
  • Team UU maintains this blog for free, for fun, and for entertainment.  Don't make it a hassle for us, okay?


  1. Step 4: Do not follow Irish Pirate's hyperlinks lest you be scarred for life :)

    Seriously though thank you for posting this and welcome to the blogs neighbors. Tell your friends!

  2. If snarky comments bother you as they do me, check out Snark by David Denby.