Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Two People Shot This Afternoon

From Andy Lam: 
"I was driving thru the alley between Argyle / Ainslie and was blocked by CPD cars.
One officer said he was looking for a gun.
The other officer was carrying a semi-automatic assault rifle.
I took 1 picture for the fellow UU readers."
We're hearing helicopters, rarely a good thing.

According to readers, there was a shooting at 1024 W Lawrence around 3:30pm. Preliminary reports have someone being shot in the hand and people running for their lives in all directions. However, the victim has not been confirmed. The alleged shooter is described as a male/black, in his 20s, 5 foot 8 inches to 5 foot 10 inches, with dreadlocks.

Then "Minutes later a 14 year old male was spotted at the Argyle EL with a shot to the leg. Taken to Childrens Hospital." Power to the Argyle el has been turned off while the police look for a gun.

Obviously a lot going on and not a lot of definite information. If you have any further information, please add it to the comments. (Sorry for the late-ish update; our Hotmail account was "undergoing maintenance" and was inaccessible.)

Update via Chicago Breaking News: TWO people shot in Uptown


  1. surprise - right in front of the lawrence house

  2. Chief Rottner confirmed to me minutes ago a 14 year-old male has been shot on Lawrence, near Kenmore. Made his way some 4-blocks to the Argyle EL before getting assistance (not known if it was wanted or unwanted) to the hospital.

    Shell casing have been found in the 4800 block of Kenmore.

    An investigation is underway.

  3. Save the day Helen...Helen? Helen?!?

  4. There is a COMPLETE AND UTTER LEADERSHIP VACUUM in Uptown currently.

    Oh wait, no there isn't. Our fearless leader is making good on her promise to spend our money against our wishes and unwisely by overpaying for more low-income housing.

    Here's a clue...How about diverting all of that money to Uptown's War Effort instead of continuing to destabilize and polarize the community.

    Just a thought.

  5. I was walking my dog on this block on Thursday, January 13th and a guy told me there was a shooting there that night as well. There was a UU post about that shooting, though it was reported to be closer to Sheridan then Kenmore on Ainslie.

    As much as I hate to change the route of my evening constitutional with my dog, I may have to avoid this block as it's starting to become a hot spot for shootings.

  6. I was driving east on Lawrence when this happened. I didn't see it but it must have happened moments before I got there as I was stuck on the side of the street for a while waiting for the fire trucks, ambulances and police cars to get through. Eventually, we were routed to go south on Kenmore going the wrong way down the street. My first thought was, "someone must have gotten shot" but then I went about my business. I never imagined being so ambivalent about issues like this, but it is such a common occurrence here. Hopefully new leadership will help.

  7. I just want to say because I don't think it's ever been said since I started posting but....

    I'm sorry that all close and all involved were effected by the shooting. I'm glad you're all okay but I hope that you FEEL okay about this... even if it's become a common feeling to have living in Uptown.

    Being around this violence while conducting our lives is difficult and not something that any of us (section 8 housing to condo owner) should have to experience.

    I'm glad all posting here seem to be okay.

  8. Sadly, just another day....

    Stash said it best. A COMPLETE lack of leadership, without a doubt.

  9. I am sick of this! I am so Mother F%#@ing sick of hearing about shootings in Chicago.
    With all the talk in the States right now about gun laws and regulations when are they (WE) going to talk about illegal guns on our streets. The trafficking of guns to gangs.

    How much are all these gang bangers costing us in the emergency rooms?? Can we slap them with a bill please!!! I make too much money to qualify for health care but not enough to pay for it myself. I am tired of paying my taxes, getting nothing for it and watching the losers in my neighborhood get my money for housing and medical care. AAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

    Ok, thank you.

  10. J and Will, well said. How much in government funding does Lawrence House get to not even keep its place in good repair?

  11. @J - say good bye to the middle class. It's just gonna get worse. Save your money people.

  12. Thank you Andy for the report and the photo.

    Thank you C Gerhardt for yopur reporting.

    Thank you Microfiber for the kind words.

    comment for the rest of you guys, your just too arbitrary and speculative for my tastes. It comes across as venting.

  13. Shouldn't be much of a surprise since the Lawrence House, while not condoning it, does nothing about the drug sales going on blatantly in the morning and the evening right under their nose (and their new scaffolding- erected for what purpose?). Right in front on Lawrence, across the street in front of Dib and just north of Lawrence on Kenmore. Daily and nightly sales go on. Calls have been made to 311 but usually the guys step into Lawrence House or the building across the street and West across Lawrence between sales.
    What to do about it besides keep calling 311?
    Maybe a database of known drug selling locations would help the police?

  14. @stu, why are you calling 311? Don't you want a police response? I would call 911. Logged 911 calls are an important metric of crime in an area. I'd call 911 if people were being too loud. Maybe, just maybe, it gets the neighborhood out of being a "quiet area" when Weis redistributes the police.

  15. Will you said it, the public can only guess how much Link fraud is being committed by these small businesses. Keep working so you can provide others with their "freebie".

  16. Why is Lawrence House being mentioned in this post?

    Is that a fair question?

    Is it an intelligent question?

    What are the known facts in this case?

    Are there any teenagers living at the Lawrence House? I know the answer, do you?

    Do good neighbors point fingers anonymously and in a reactionary way? I know my own answers.

    What are yours? Is it fair to ask?

    Does fairness even have a place in the "discussion"?



  17. If you see or suspect Link fraud, make a report. It's not hard just call 800-678-LINK to report it.


    It's the same deal as constantly calling 911 on suspicious activity, b*tch and blog all you want but unless people make calls it will take a long time for any improvement.

    If you have no idea what LINK or LINK fraud is, here's a 2006 Sun-Times article I found randomly on google. This scam ain't rocket science so if you think you see it, report it.


  18. Thx Jeff. I will keep you guys posted if I hear any update. Have a good one.

  19. I lived at the Lawrence house for about 14 months, ending late last year. When they put up the scaffolding the amount of loitereres tripled, they really seemed to enjoy the protection from some of the elements. Everytime I came home from work (I was only one of few in the building who had a job) I would run through a gauntlet of slezeballs who were buying, selling, begging and borrowing. I'm so glad I'm out of there.

  20. I wish we had more people like Jeffery Littleton in Uptown. That way we can all ignore the elephant in the room while hiding behind a guise of pseudo-intellectual elitism. Give me a break. But, I guess you were here first so I must kowtow.

    Simple facts - there are criminals and drug dealers in Uptown. They usually come from low income areas. Are they drug dealers and criminals because they are poor or are they poor because of their actions? Good questions to ask, since you love asking questions.

    You need to get your head out of your ass Jeff. Not everybody in low income housing is an angel. Many are wonderful people, but many aren't. They have drug problems, emotional issues, mental issues, etc. Many are victims of circumstance and my heart goes out to them. Many are victims of THEMSELVES.

    Why was Lawrence House mentioned? Why the hell do you think? You're a smart guy, you should be able to connect the dots.

    Oh I'm sorry, does this sound like venting to you? Is it not 'to your tastes'

    Wake up littleton.

  21. Lawrence House has numerous code violations. And it has zero control over the loitering and dealing THAT I HAVE SEEN (and called 911 on) outside its front door. I don't care if teens live there or not. They deal there.,

  22. You are barking up the wrong tree Jeff Littleton.

    Lawrence House is a problem, the shooting is a symptom.

    Anyways Today I a self admitted nonresident of the environs of Uptown actually picked up the equivalent of one full thirty gallon trash bag of litter on the stretch of Winthrop from Lawrence to Leland.

    I used my nifty nabbers so I didnt have to bend down to pick up the refuse or sully my hands with any germs dirt or god knows what. I had the trash bags in my car previously purchased from uptown ace hardware. I only filled up the 2 bags up halfway otherwise it would collapse under the weight of all the liquor bottles and beer cans etal...

    Nifty nabbers retail for 20 or 25 bucks at Home Depot and they are awesome. I got the 36 inch model.

    And guess what? Im sure Lawrence Houses proximity to this fine mess is just a mere coincidence....

    Litter is a symptom.
    Shootings and Shellcasings are a symptom as well. Concentration of poverty into a building that is not well maintained or looked after is the problem.

    Lawrence House was a fine Hotel in its day, was it not? I think if someone had the dough and the cajones it could be made once again into a fine building and a place for out of towners and bands to stay while performing or checking out gigs at the the Aragaon, Riviera and in my Wildest Dreams the UPTOWN THEATRE!!!

    Talking on the internet is interesting and necessary. But doing something to help the neigborhood is pretty cool too. Even if you dont live here.

    This isnt just a oneday event.
    I am in Uptown almost every single week. So this onslaught against local trash right there will continue.

  23. Mama Mia!!

    So what? The post does not mention Lawrence House and I am one of those wacky people who look for facts.

    Also I will note on my block alone I see two different neighbors picking up trash on a DAILY basis.
    It has even shamed me into grabbing a piece or two and trashing it.

    However, not once have I heard these two or others self-congratulate. Or even "talk" on the internet.

    I am going to make a prediction for this election cycle.

    Four years from now crime will be down and Lawrence House will still stand, it will still serve as affordable housing which so many of our neighbors need.

    If the facts come out in the next week or two that LH was in no way connected, and that is likely, I hope a few folks here will submit an apology. Likely....OK I am done.

    Jeffrey Littleton

  24. Jeffrey Littleton

    You are completely missing the point. Bangers wouldn't be shooting at one another in the vacinity of 1020 w. Lawrence ave. (which CFD/CPD both visit multiple x's every damn day) if it wasn't completely filled with active using clientele of said bangers. They may not reside there true, but they sure do work in and around there.

  25. Self congratulate?
    No I just want people to know that there are people doing things to help out even if they down live in Uptown.

    Otherwise people just think "oh its clean here" as if it was magic.

    The post didnt have to mention Lawrence House. If you (JL) insist on having the last word then by all means you can have it but that doesnt mean you are right. You are wacky all right. Do you want all the players in the game (shooting) to all stand in front of your house and announce their names, address of residence, area that they feel that they and their gang control, and with a full list of cribs that they crash at and to hand you their rap sheet and then they will take a collective bow just for you. That would be wacky.

    What are the chances of this shooting happening in the near radius of a class act building with class act citizens? Pretty much nil.

    Dont you about your predictions, but I kinda doubt it.
    Is anyone going to invest money into Lawrence House? Otherwise it wont always be standing.

  26. P.S. the Facebook post did mention Lawrence House. That the shooting occurred right at Lawrence House. If LH comes out with a statement, I'd thank them for finally responding to something.

  27. ** oops (dont live in uptown)

    ** oops (dont know about your prediction)

    I can also tell you JL that that stretch of winthrop doesnt have any neighbors that pickup on any basis at all and that is sad. An outsider who parks there once a week (me) has decided that since I do park there once a week that I am sick of it looking like a pigsty.

    I dont want any pats on the back I just want people to not litter and to pick up their neigborhood whether they own, rent, or live in section 8.

    So we know in fact that the denizens of Lawrence House just down the street havent taken upon themselves to delitter the area.

  28. I can remember hearing radio ads for Lawrence House a couple decades ago, when I lived in the suburbs, describing the building as an attractive,low-cost, full-service residence for senior citizens.

    Does anyone know how and why LH has apparently abandoned the senior market in favor of something decidedly downscale?

    Did all the "old" senior residents die, and the management couldn't find any "new" seniors to replace them? Was there a government subsidy that ran out and made the building unprofitable?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  29. There is a over supply of senior housing in the Uptown area, and the owners of the Lawrence House, among others, are unable to stay occupied relying on senior citizens. Therefore, they have opened their doors to ex-cons and those with dependency issues.