Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Seven Days Left To Register To Vote

After May 16th, none of the people listed on this sign will hold their current job.

Who gets to decide who replaces them?  I do!  You do!  But you can't make that decision if you aren't registered to vote.

Just one week left to register for the upcoming aldermanic and mayoral elections.  And early voting starts in just 13 days!

Click the link on the right sidebar to check your registration, or to register by mail.  Or visit any library to register.  Could it be any easier?  With the large number of candidates in this election, every vote counts.  Real change comes when you cast a ballot.  Be part of it.


  1. Yes get out and vote and with all the ones I see running I got to keep my finger crossed and see if the winner will really live up to the so called real change. Did I not here the voices of change yelled before and I still am waiting for it to occure.

  2. Any candidate who spouts the need for change but has done very little volunteer work in the ward to demonstrate this commitment is the one to avoid. That should narrow the field considerably.

  3. I just checked out the Board of Elections webpage.

    Caitlin McIntyre is ON the ballot.

    Unless there are court challenges that haven't been made public then we have ELEVEN candidates on the ballot. UNfrigginBELIEVABLE.

    The 46th WARD also has the highest voter registration increase on the north side.


    I could post a hyperlink, but with ELEVEN candidates I am annoyed. I'd hoped for a saner number like something in single digits.

    I think the increased voter registration in this ward can be attributed partially to some of our candidates registering for the first time.

    If I were a frontrunner I would be happy to see so many candidates splitting the vote.

    I mean theoretically if the top vote getter gets 49.99 percent of the vote and the other ten split the remaining vote then you could make the April runoff with 6 percent or less of the vote.

    That won't happen, yet........it's KWAZY.

  4. HM - That was a huge filter in last night's candidate forum.

  5. Magical City Guy said, "Volunteer work is not necessary."

    I don't agree with that. Sorry, MCG. :-)

    If change is needed so very desperately in the 46th Ward, which seems to be the unifying rallying cry of the candidates (and the populace), then I'm going to vote for someone who worked for change even when Helen's Reign of Terror was in full force, dammit!

    Someone who never did any volunteer work and just accepted the community as it was whole time Helen was in office, right up until the moment she made her announcement, gets no respect from me, and certainly won't get my vote. Nor will anyone I didn't see out on the street, giving their own free time to making things different.

    I've done a lot in this community, on a volunteer basis and on my own time, to try to make it safer and cleaner. I'd like to know that my alderman has at least the same amount of dedication that I've had over the years.

    I'm not considering anyone I didn't hear of prior to their declaring their candidacy, and I'm certainly not voting for anyone who only saw the need for "change" when Helen became a lame duck.

  6. There shouldn't even be a sign. Waste of taxpayer money...

  7. TSN,

    What if they volunteer but never talk about it?

  8. Absolutely right, TSN. Well said.

  9. MCG,

    volunteering but never talking about it?

    Volunteering but never being seen?

    Sure, I believe that.

  10. Hey, where have you been Pirate???
    Glad you're back!

  11. The aldermanic position is not a reward for good deeds. (That is my point.)

  12. TSN/IP,

    Let me explain a little more. I could never run for office and brag about my own volunteer work like many people do. It seems self-serving and opportunistic to me.

    Call it Catholic guilt.

  13. What if they volunteer but never talk about it?

    If someone volunteers in the community, it's pretty obvious. There aren't a lot of stealth solo community volunteer opportunities now, are there? In fact, "solo" is pretty much the opposite of "community," isn't it?

    If someone does manage to volunteer in a manner such that no one ever knows about it, and he never talks about his track record of service, may I submit that there will never be a more opportune moment to start than right now, a month prior to the election?

    I could never run for office and brag about my own volunteer work like many people do. It seems self-serving and opportunistic to me. Call it Catholic guilt.

    I don't consider it bragging; to me, it's interviewing for a job and bringing up a proven track record. I assume you've held jobs: when you interview for them, I'm willing to bet that you do more than blush prettily and hope your potential employer will intuitively know that you'll be the very best Magical City Guy ever. I'm sure you list your accomplishments and sell your talents and potential, and show off your track record and your record of success. Why is it wrong to put your best foot forward and present a full resume when you're looking for a job, but not when you're running for office? Not being burdened by "Catholic Guilt," I say: It ain't bragging if you can back it up, and if you don't sell yourself, then no one else is going to do it for you.

    The aldermanic position is not a reward for good deeds.

    I don't think the aldermanic position should be a reward for someone who's never done a damn thing for the ward until he got it into his head that running for office might be a good gig.

    Someone who's put a lot of his own time, energy and dedication into trying to make the ward better -- without being paid for it -- seems to me to be someone who will continue to do so when given the power, funding, and authority of an alderman.

    Someone who's never bothered to do anything for the betterment of the community before, but may be enticed into running by a nice $110K/year aldermanic paycheck, doesn't fulfill my requirements for someone who will work his ass off for the residents of the 46th Ward for the next four years.

    When I'm looking for a new car, I do a ton of research and take it out for a nice long exhaustive test drive. I don't buy it based on the salesman's pretty words, or on his promises about how well it'll run for the next four years. I vote the same way.

    Work hard for the ward on your own time, and then I'll vote for you to do it on my dime.

  14. I wish we could take these candidates for a test drive....

  15. Deep volunteer experience in Uptown are one of the resume items that would sway my vote.

    Not the only one but a big one.

  16. TSN,

    What is your candidate's position on MCC 11-12-170? What is the background of this ordinance? How does it hurt or help the budget?

    Just wondering if you think this issue is relevant.

    Love you!