Sunday, September 26, 2010


We've watched the house of worship at 5145 N Broadway sit empty for long periods of time, and also host quite a few different congregations, over the years.  It's been the Northside Tabernacle of Praise for more than a year, and now has added a handsome new awning.  Glad to see a too-frequently empty building have a long-term tenant, and some nice building improvements, too.

We've heard rumors the building was built as a synagogue, and was used as a Jewish funeral home in the 1940s, but even in the 1928 Polk Directory, it was listed as a vacant property.  Any old-timers got any further information?

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  1. It was built as Jaffe funeral chapel which operated 1937-1956. Arie Crown was one of the first funerals held there. Later it was the Church of God, Northside Tabernacle of Praise, and Haitian Church of God.