Sunday, September 26, 2010

Anyone Got A Dominick's Date?

The new Dominick's flagship store at Foster and Sheridan continues to be on the construction fast track, and the signs are now up ("Coming Soon" -- as well as more permanent signs for Signature Cafe and Starbucks).  We've looked on the Dominick's website and don't see an opening date... anyone got any insider information about when the new store might be ready for customers?


  1. when they first closed the store for construction they had a sign posted that said it would reopen fall of 2010

  2. There was also the month long strike...
    I think it looks like it will happen before the end of the year though. The one on Lincoln that will be like the Foster and Sheridan one opens this week... Sep 30.

  3. According to someone at the temporary pharmacy across the street, they've been told that they'll move into the new Dominick's store in November or December.