Saturday, September 25, 2010

Where's Wi-Fi?

So.  Truman is back in session, and maybe you, like us, can't find a place to sit at Starbuck's.  We're on a mission to find wi-fi in Uptown.  Here are some places we've discovered... please add yours in the comments.
  • Starbucks (Wilson/Magnolia and Broadway/Lawrence)
  • Cupcake Gallery (1319 W Wilson)
  • La Ciudad (4515 N Sheridan)
  • Just Tires (4809 N Broadway)
  • Ch'ava (4656 N Clark)
  • Dollop (4181 N Clarendon)
  • ... your favorites?


  1. Awake Cafe on Irving Park just east of Clarendon. When I was unemployed last year Awake was my escape from home.

  2. Subway at Clark and Montrose, Buena Park Library, O'Schaughnessy's Pub, Staples, Cafe Tiztal, Carols Pub.

  3. Crew and Wild Pug, but the connection wasn't very good last time I was there (Crew).

  4. Its just on the edge of Uptown, but Winston's on Clark/Argyle has wifi AND is open 24 hours. Seems like the place has 1:1 outlets-to-chairs inside too.

    The coffee is pretty good too.

  5. Does anyone know of an up to date list by chance? thanks!

  6. Chava Cafe at Clark and Leland....thats the place to go....