Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lake Effect News Covers Gang Awareness Seminar

Now we wish we'd gone to the Gang Awareness and Education Seminar a couple weeks ago. Lake Effect News has a really intriguing article about what went on. A couple excerpts are below, but we strongly recommend reading the entire article to help understand what's going on in our community and how we can fight the gangs that we're so sick of:

One case that continually nags at Waldera is the unsolved homicide of Truman College student Francis Oduro, an innocent bystander who was slain by gang crossfire near Broadway and Wilson in May 2008. “We think [the Black P-Stones] are responsible. We’re fairly certain [the shooters] ran back to Magnolia,” Waldera said. “It’s probably our number one homicide and we’ve put in every extra effort that we can with that. We got informants out there and some leads. That’s one that we’d really like to solve.”

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Gangs on the street aren’t as much of a problem as they are in schools. Schools have become active lately as hotbeds for gang recruitment, where most gang conflicts are resolved with violence.

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What recourses to do community members have in rooting out gangs from their once pleasant, North Side neighborhoods? It may help to have the local alderman on your team.

Read all about it here. Fascinating stuff.

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  1. It may help to have the local alderman on your team.

    It would help to have an alderman who would admit that a problem exists (and who wouldn't propagate an environment for such).

    Compared to Helen, Schulter and his staff look like the Untouchables.