Monday, July 24, 2023

Wilson Yard's For Sale (The Retail, at least)

Wilson Yard Retail (Matthews Real Estate Investment Services)

Developer Peter Holsten has placed the entire retail portfolio at Wilson Yard on the market

Price: UNPRICED (Ed. Note: if you have to ask you can't afford it, doffs monocle

We of course recall all the shenanigans with Wilson Yard very well, but since the building retail opened in 2010, the Target store has become an anchor for the neighborhood and the residential has been well managed.

The retail strip here has had some good times and some bad times, but overall the streetscape here is miles beyond where it was in the early 2000s. Will be interesting to see if someone is willing to take on the risk associated with commercial real estate at present, but this strip has been ready for improvement for a long time. 


  1. posting the timeline of your blog's histrionics over a project that ended up immensely benefitting the entire neighborhood is a brave, if highly revealing deed indeed 😃

    1. That's a reach, b. For what we could have had on that large undeveloped parcel, and for the funding it cost, taxes it fails to bring in, I disagree that the benefit to the entire neighborhood has been immense. Target and Holsten benefitted immensely. Many neighbors received a "something is better than nothing" mediocre benefit.