Monday, July 30, 2007

Wilson Yard Not On Schedule?

From the looks of the Azusa building and the Wilson Yard lot, construction is behind schedule. We stopped by the site today and noticed not much has changed since our last visit.

From the Pioneer-Press:
"Last month, the City Council approved increasing Wilson Yard's TIF subsidy from $35.6 million to $43.1 million, stipulating that construction begin on the Target and residential units no later than July. Holsten attributed the increase to a 15 percent rise in construction costs and materials.Holsten told task force members and a handful of residents attending the mid-morning meeting that toxic soil removal had already begun on the site. Demolition of the old Aldi's and the Azusa Building will start in July."

Well, its July 30 and the Azusa building and old Aldi are still intact and there is no sign of construction on Target or the residential units. Hmmmmmmm. Shocking.


  1. Are there any plans to salvage any of the facade of the Azusa?

  2. Holsten claimed parts of the facade would be put into storage. I don't think the renderings show any reuse. At least at that location.

    As for construction starting they can move one shovel full of dirt and claim it started prior to the last day of July.

  3. Brendan-
    We were told that beginning in July, the facade of the Azusa building would be removed and restored, to be placed back on the residential building/retail portion. Judging by the progress made thus far, it will be a while.