Friday, June 30, 2023

We Were Promised a Food Hall, Now We've Got One!

Many years ago we were anticipating a food hall immediately south of Uptown at the Eagles Building. The project never got off the ground and now is home to the newly opened Good Times Brewery.

Now, confirming something we heard about way back in the fall of 2022, PlantX, parent company of XMarket, has announced that they are going to open a 6,500 square foot vegan food hall in the base of the 811 Uptown development at Montrose and Clarendon.

We received many messages and inquiries from readers over the last two years since suburban import Peter Rubi sold its first Chicago location in January 2022 to PlantX. Rubi opened with some fanfare in September 2021, but PlantX decided to add to their portfolio of stores across the U.S. and Canada by buying the location and turning it into an XMarket.

Loyal customers were confused by some inconsistent hours and branding from the rebranded XMarket, and the grocery closed its doors to the public late last year in anticipation of this new venture. XMarket has continued online delivery operations from the store, using the upper level as a distribution facility.

Expect a host of vegan options, including a central bar with vegan wine and spirits, vegan bar food, and vegan wine pairings including cheese from Good Planet. There will be six separate stations offering to go vegan fare, including a coffee roastery.

The anticipated soft opening will be August 23, with a grand opening on Labor Day weekend.

We look forward to the new food hall and are thrilled that Uptown's vegan community, still upset over the loss of Sephardic Sisters and Ka'lish, will get some exciting new options.

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