Sunday, April 2, 2023

8 Simple Questions For Angela Clay

Kim Walz press release:

Today, the Chicago Tribune published a story containing more information on Angela Clay’s mystery business ventures that raise serious questions about her failure to comply with ethics filings that are required for candidates for office and potential shady business dealings. This follows Crain’s Chicago Business reporting on Clay’s failure to file her Statement of Economic Interest correctly and failure to disclose federal PPP loans and a tax lien.

This reporting raises many questions about Clay’s fitness for public office and voters deserve answers from Clay to the following questions:

  • 1. Why does Clay refuse to provide media or voters proof of any of her businesses, including the Pink Ribbon Hair Company which received $40,000 in PPP loans?
  • 2. According to an SBA report, the $40,000 in PPP loans that Angela Clay received were for a “packaging and labeling company,” which Pink Ribbon Hair Company is not. However, there is another company called AC Scents (which shares a business address with her and her third company, Saij Corp, at 6028 S. Wabash), which IS a packaging and labeling company, according to an Experian report. Therefore, why is Clay receiving PPP loans for a business that is NOT a packaging and labeling company? 
  • 3. Clay claims in the Chicago Tribune story that Pink Ribbon Hair, which launched in 2014, made $100,000 in 2019. If it was doing so well, why did she not disclose this business or any income of $1,000 or more from it in her Chicago Board of Ethics filing when she ran for Alderwoman in 2019? 
  • 4. Why is Pink Ribbon Hair Company not registered as required by law with the Cook County Clerk? Why is AC Scents, whose business address is also listed at 6028 S. Wabash, also not registered as required by law with the Cook County Clerk?
  • 5. Why is there absolutely no digital presence or footprint for Pink Ribbon Hair Company or AC Scents?
  • 6. Why is Clay’s Delaware-incorporated company Saij Corp. not registered with the Illinois Secretary of State’s office despite having an Illinois business address at 6028 S. Wabash?
  • 7. Why does the email contact not work nor does the phone number on the website for Saij Corp?
  • 8. Has Angela Clay paid taxes on her businesses if she is failing to register them with the Illinois Secretary of State’s Office, given that she also has an outstanding $18,000 lien for unpaid federal taxes?

“Voters of the 46th Ward deserve answers from Angela Clay before election day,” said Mars Rodriguez, Campaign Manager for Kim Walz. “For weeks, voters and media have been asking Clay questions about these businesses. Her inability to be transparent and answer these questions should raise serious concerns with voters about her ability to represent them. The 46th Ward deserves transparent leaders, and if Clay continues to refuse to address these questions, voters should ask themselves what is she hiding? Chicago has an unfortunate history of ethics failures in our elected officials and voters should beware when candidates refuse to be transparent. These are the same kind of accountability failures that Kim Walz has been fighting against her whole career.” 


  1. Everyone reading this should sent it around to their 46th ward contacts or print it out and hand it out to neighbors.

    Walz campaign should print it out and make sure it's on every door by tomorrow night.

    I said this weeks ago here, but this stinks and I wouldn't be surprised if the Feds come sniffing around.(if they aren't already)

    Angela can duck the Tribune, but the FBI and federal subpoenas are something else entirely. I find it hard to believe her home business took in 100K pre covid. Perhaps I'm wrong, but she doesn't seem eager to assuage the doubts of the Tribune or voters.

    I voted last week, but vote folks as if the Republic depended on it. That's a bit overwrought, but it would be one hell of a thing to have an alderman indicted for something they did BEFORE taking office.

    I prefer local politicians to get indicted for stuff they did after taking office like my buddies Honest Ed Burke or Mike Big Dog Madigan.

    Woof woof. Says Big Mike.

    Seriously, how the hell did the CTU pick such obviously flawed candidates in Johnson and Clay. Didn't they think to hire opposition researchers to investigate their then putative candidates?

    It's campaign malpractice.

    Oh well let your friends and neighbors know.

    Be the Paul Revere of the 46th and ride around yelling "The indictments might be coming. The indictments might be coming."

    I'll be glad when Tuesday is gone.

    1. Uh.....say Irish, you DO know what city you LIVE in, right? And, hopefully, you weren't born just yesterday (or even the day before). This is Chicago, Mack....the place where flawed candidates walk hand in hand with dishonesty as it's brethren. Irish....wake up and smell your coffee. Or, perhaps you'd like to make a fresher cup for yourself. Chicago, love it or don't, has ALWAYS been this way. And, I LOVE it....even though it IS flawed.

  2. The Merry Men decided to look around after reading this blog post last night. We found some interesting COINCIDENCES regarding the Covid ppp loans. Crain's and the Tribune covered the IRS lien and Angela Clay's ppp loans very well so we won't rehash it.

    How this did not come out earlier is truly a conundrum.

    Former Alder Helen Shiller's granddaughter got a ppp loan in the same amount as Angela Clay in the same month from the same lender.

    She is registered to vote at Helen's Uptown address. However, she used the address of a house Helen owns on the south side for her covid loan.

    This is where it gets weird. Alderman Roderick Sawyer's daughter got a PPP loan using Helen's Uptown address. She is registered to vote at her father's address.

    The Sun Times mentioned Sawyer's son getting a covid loan, but missed the daughter's loans which would be easy enough to do because they were taken out at a different address. The Shiller Carmen ave property is a small multi unit building so it is possible Sawyer lived there even though she is not currently registered to vote there. The building is infamous for being ill maintained and having the FUCK THE POLICE sign in the window.

    We also found at least one interesting loan to a gang member or former gang member with ties to Shiller. This story is complicated enough with out bringing that into it.

    Just some interesting things to consider. As that arrogant prick Irish Pirate might say it is a bit stinky.

    1. Two commenters calling me a prick in the last few days? This hurts my wittle feelings. Even though I suspect the second one was ironic.

      The Shiller and Sawyer, S & S, PPP forgiven loan connections are just downright strange. Also "very interesting".

      Tonight will also be interesting.

      Vote for Walz and keep Angela from being "scrootened"* by the feds.

      *Daley Two once whined that he got "scrootened" all the time.

      After his brother Bill dropped his gubernatorial bid in 2001 and the mayor was asked if he would have faced increased scrutiny had Bill stayed in:

      "Scrutiny? What else do you want? Do you want to take my shorts? Give me a break. … Go scrutinize yourself! I get scrootened every day, don't worry, from each and every one of you. It doesn't bother me."

  3. IMO this whole election has been a joke. It needs to be nullified. #1- too many candidates running for office, up to 12 at one time. Not half of them had a chance of winning.
    #2 - Was the 12 candidates in conspiracy to split the vote into pieces so that the Mayor wouldn't get a clear majority? I think yes.
    #3 - Willie Wilson buying votes with gift cards and gas cards.
    #4- Willie Wilson, his 3rd run at an office and never winning.
    #5 - the age of Willie Wilson.
    #6 - Angela clay. Need I say more?
    #7 - Brandon Johnson forgetting to pay his bills.
    #8 - the Age of Paul Vallas, who also has run for office about 3 times and lost. Why do I think that Paul isn't really excited about running, but is being put up as a front for the elites of Chicago?
    #9 - Safety is NOT the #1 issue, but the high cost of living is, such as housing and taxes. Hardly any candidate touched those subjects. The reason I say Safety is NOT #1 is because crime has been burned into Chicago's culture since the 1940s. It's never left the city, and proportionately, it's not as bad as say some Southern cities like New Orleans.

  4. Thanks for chiming in Lianna. You're a joy to read. You're like the character "Glum" from the cartoon "Gulliver's Travels"--we're doomed.

    Also I love your expertise on what should be the #1 issue and actual crime.

    Please share your deep thoughts more often.

    I do agree that Johnson and Clay are jokes though. We should have an idea in 12 hours if the rest of the electorate agrees.