Friday, March 24, 2023

Not Even Trying To Hide It

 A reader writes in:

"It's amazing to see the Angela Clay campaign proudly retweeting someone who is voting for Clay because she will defund the police. They aren't even hiding it. Especially when she's endorsed by former Alderwoman Helen Shiller who has a sign in her window on Carmen that says, "F*ck the Police."
You can't make this stuff up. Check out the photo I took. God, help us."

Former Ald. Shiller's home window on 1200 block of Carmen.


  1. Another one I missed. I'm slipping in my dotage.

    I don't know how to screenshot in a comment, but there was another one there that's just as interesting:

    Neighbors For Angela Clay Retweeted
    Mar 23
    Replying to
    I voted for Angela the first time

    The nature of these attacks on her candidacy guarantee I will vote for Angela again

    The campaign is retweeting someone with "Antifa" in their twitter handle. Now I know they're going to say "Antifa" means Anti Fascist, but there was a political party in 1930's Germany that had "Socialist" and "Workers" in their name.

    Name doesn't mean Jack Squat and I should know because my name is Jack and I've know how to squat.

    Trump claims he loves his wives, children and America--anyone really believe that?

    Antifa is a group of left wing thugs who have the potential to be just as dangerous as the right wing thugs so in vogue now in parts of America. Truthfully they're almost mirror images of one another.

    Disaffected shitbirds who have no problem utilizing violence to get their way. Just slightly different versions of the Utopia scam--follow me and all will be well.

    I'll email a screenshot of the Antifa tweet to UU.

    The games afoot and we have 11 days to the election.

  2. Alternatively, you can vote for the candidate chosen by Get Stuff Done PAC, which is made up of everyday ordinary citizens, who are also everyday ordinary hedge fund managers, who have a Rahmulan adviser at the helm of their money. A lot of money needs to ensure that things stay broken, and if that appeals to you, don't listen to grandpa's advice about how you should not retweet Antifa when there is perfectly nice Fa for you to support.
    If you pine for the days of concealing payments to families of victims of police violence, while fighting FOIA requests - that's on the ballot again. We can return to that apparently.

    1. Let me get my reading glasses on. Okay they're on.

      Did you use the phrase "concealing payments"?

      Thank you.

      Just scroll down the UU page to this Headline:

      Crain's: Candidate Angela Clay Faces Questions Over PPP Loans Of Nearly $42,000

      Then get back to me on who was concealing payments.

      You idiots remind me of Trump supporters who compare their beloved candidate to Jesus. Between 42K in PPP payments and 18K in a five year old IRS lien Angela is the local leftie version of Trump.

      Must support her no matter what. Must make excuses. Must try to divert attention from any real issues she has.

      If you don't want to get wet don't get into the ocean with grandpa Shark.

    2. Long time no comment. IP is an arrogant prick, whomever he is. But.... he is right. There is no way Johnson should be mayor. There is no way Clay should be alderman. Let the adults run the show, not the crazy lefties and the even nuttier righties. They are one and the same and should in an asylum. I hope you are all doing well. Happy Spring... and whatever religious thing you are into....

    3. OH BTW, Is there going to be a party for James? He was really great.

    4. Jason,

      insults from you are like cow dung in a field. They make the crops grow.

      Enjoy the election. Hopefully I'll be even more arrogant on election night as Vallas and Walz triumph over the non paying bills duo.

    5. It was not an insult it was a compliment!

  3. Shiller made Uptown a mess 20+ years ago. Anyone she backs will follow the same playbook. That's a big no for me. Most of you that want to vote Clay didn't live in here 20 years ago. It was a depressed ward full of concentrated poverty. Property values in the toilet, every social service under the sun, all in Uptown because of Shiller. I'll take the PAC money and developers over what this ward was like 20+ years ago, any day. Cappleman cleaned up Shiller's mess and I will vote to keep that progress moving forward.

    1. You are mistaken. If you only KNEW the history of Uptown, you'd KNOW that this area was in dire straits LONG BEFORE Ald. Shiller happened on the scene here. Take it from a runny-nose Beacon Ave. kid who called Uptown home during the 50s and 60s. Wake up and educate yourself on the facts, Jackson. I LOVE Uptown..... even from it's sorriest times. Do some research, because the Appalachian friends who LIVED here back in the day would be able to set you straight, too, on your mistakes in HOW downtrodden this area was in those days. Uptown is doing some amazing things, and Ald. Cappleman has been a boon to this part of Chicago. But, read up on what you THINK you know, at least.

    2. Shiller was awful for Uptown.... and it was way more than 20 years ago.

  4. I spoke with a friend who is a CPA last night about IRS Liens. The IRS does not randomly send out Lien notices. They are sent after MULTIPLE letters are sent with no response. PPP loans, sloppy campaign filings in 2019 that ML (aka the scientist who "won" the race in 2019) tried to get her kicked off the ballot for, pass the buck on on unfunded pensions. AC's motto should be "rules for thee, not for me". Even Harold Washington PAID his taxes. With AC, who knows?

  5. Seems paperwork errors are an old excuse in Uptown politics.

    Normally the name Shiller and "strip club" doesn't pop into my mind, but....

    A decade later that club is in the news.

  6. I've been volunteering for Kim. The last thing we need is another Helen Shiller in this ward. Angela Clay, along with Brandon Johnson, are all about defunding the police. We badly need more law enforcement and support for local small businesses. Please vote in this election. Every vote matters. Big time.

  7. Let's be honest, neither of the Alderperson candidates are particularly compelling. Voted for Waltz but definitely not voting for Vallas. The man doesn't even live in the City (beyond his shell home in Bridgeport of all places). The man is a rich man's servant. Anyone chirping about crime has not been in Uptown for long. Crime has only gotten better in Uptown over the years. Crime is a dog whistle for the fascist right, don't fall for it. Vote Johnson on Tuesday.

    1. Too late. Voted last week to end the door buzzing on weekends by the Clay campaign. Vallas and Walz got my votes. V and W.

      Considering Johnson can't even pay his water bill with over 170K in income I'm glad I did.

      Not paying bills is something he and his 46th Ward counterpart have in common.

      I predict Tuesday some people will be happy and some sad.

      Could be both depending on how both races turn out.

      Vote folks because every vote counts.

    2. My question about Walz are her commercials. It s hysterical. All the stock video? Come on. She gets my vote and so does Vallas. We don't need any more crazy people in office like on the federal level.

  8. I went to the final alder public forum on Thursday night. The contrasts were clear: 45 minutes of BS from the TBA and 45 minutes of clear concise actionable "how I would get stuff done and be effective from day 1” from Kim Walz. I will sleep very well knowing the voting choice I made was right one in voting for her (Kim), regardless of the outcome. (TBA= The Bulls**t. Artist). This will be my new moniker for AC if she slithers into the office on Tuesday. Her most revealing statement: "Wilson Yard was a great thing". It was for affordable housing, for public school finances, not so much. A TIF is basically a public school DEFUNDING mechanism. This is always glossed over when the “merits of TIF” debate comes up. But it's clear in my annual property tax bill: 80% of it goes to Wilson Yard TIF, and ZERO $$$$ of my property taxes go to fund Chicago Public Schools. However, it's the Faustian bargain her hero Helen S made 20 years ago. And our schools are starved of funds because of that. So Helen robbed Peter to pay Paul, in essence, favoring affordable housing over our public schools (and she now spouts BS about how horrible it is that our schools are underfunded). If TBA wins, there will be more budgetary “smoke and mirrors” I foresee.