Friday, March 24, 2023

Support Courtenay's Book Fair, For Yourself AND For The Students

Attention, bibliophiles and generous folks!

Courtenay Language Arts Center (located at Beacon and Montrose) will be holding a Scholastic Book Fair  which is open to the community. 

The Courtenay book fair will start Monday, March 27, and go through March 31 from 8am-2:30pm each day. All money earned from the book fair goes to support building engaging and inclusive classroom libraries for the Courtenay students. 

And even if you don't want to buy books for yourself, there's a lovely way to help the students there by paying it forward (literally). Courtenay staff have created an e-wallet where people can electronically donate to help ensure that all students can find a book they love at the book fair.

The link to the e-wallet is:

 This will enable the students to purchase books at the Fair and foster a lifelong love of reading!

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  1. Let's hear it for Courtenay, gang. I recall this school well as a youth in the 1960s when it was known by its original name, Stockton Elementary School. I lived up on Beacon between Leland and Lawrence in 3 different apartment buildings (still there, ALL 3) and am grateful that the community still thrives. I'll always love Uptown....and good to see programs like this helping the youths up at Courtenay.