Tuesday, April 4, 2023

What's the Count? (Updated: Final Counts Are In!)

Well, here we are again, waiting for the results of a runoff election.

It's 7pm and the polls are closed! So how do we know how the voting went?

Well, you could stand at Racine and Broadway and stare at First Ascent / Huntington Bank, in hopes of seeing the returns projected on a screen on the building, as Uptowners did 103 years ago for the 1920 presidential election.

Or, you could call up the websites for the Tribune and Sun-Times, or the Chicago Board of Elections.

We'll update throughout the night, right here.

The precincts are all counted, and Angela Clay and Leni Manaa-Hoppenworth have won the run-offs in the 46th and 48th Wards, respectively. Congratulations to them both, and here's hoping Uptown thrives during their tenures.


46th Ward:  23 of 23 precincts in

Angela Clay      8,815 (55.78%)
Kim Walz          6,987 (44.22%)

48th Ward:  35 of 35 precincts

Joe Dunne                               7,655 (48.11%)
Leni Manaa-Hoppenworth      8,256 (51.89%)


46th Ward:  22 of 23 precincts in

Angela Clay      8,093 (55.84%)
Kim Walz          6,399 (44.16%)

48th Ward:  33 of 35 precincts

Joe Dunne                               7,137 (49.72%)
Leni Manaa-Hoppenworth      7,217 (50.28%)


46th Ward:  19 of 23 precincts in

Angela Clay      6,927 (55.35%)
Kim Walz          5,587 (44.65%)

48th Ward:  30 of 35 precincts

Joe Dunne                               6,431 (49.01%)
Leni Manaa-Hoppenworth      6,691 (50.99%)


46th Ward:  14 of 23 precincts in

Angela Clay      4,975 (55.74%)
Kim Walz          3,951 (44.26%)

48th Ward:  22 of 35 precincts

Joe Dunne                               4,632 (49.19%)
Leni Manaa-Hoppenworth      4,784 (50.81%)


46th Ward:  12 of 23 precincts in

Angela Clay      4,353 (55.49%)
Kim Walz          3,492 (44.51%)

48th Ward:  17 of 35 precincts

Joe Dunne                               3,570 (51.77%)
Leni Manaa-Hoppenworth      3,326 (48.23%)


46th Ward:  4 of 23 precincts in

Angela Clay      1,337 (53.22%)
Kim Walz           1,175 (46.78%)

48th Ward:  4 of 35 precincts

Joe Dunne                               819 (58.75% )
Leni Manaa-Hoppenworth      575 (41.25% )


  1. OMG. People did not get out and vote. the issue is not left or right. THOSE PEOPLE ARE NUTS. Clay is a nt job.

  2. I for one welcome our new socialist overlords.

    1. When the antifa vs. fa twitter wars were suddenly of importance Celtic Marauder, you picked a side. That will almost certainly be forgotten but you said, "fine people on both sides" as gents of an age are wont to do, or did you full on go fa? I fartget. Either way, you should also.
      The thing about socialism is that it is for everyone, and not just the real estate developers/real estate assessment-appeal attorneys because taxation of real property and appeal of same was never a sound business model or a viable government function and the failure of Daleys Madigans Gainers Burkes Feighnehotzes Mells Blagovehchishes Schakowsys Walz Durbins to realize that in lo these 50 years led people to the inevitabe conclusion, he what if this machine, with all the gears and levers, instead worked for us?
      Scary experiment I admit but time we tried. The codgers weren't interested.

  3. a great night for the city and our ward! congrats uptown!

  4. So very happy for Uptown residents.

  5. The pendulum swings back again.

    1. from where? We had an alder for multiple terms who was a weathervane, not a pendulum. If Capp was a pendulum, then he was the Block Clock Club for Street Parking then the Block Clock Club Against Street Parking.
      I don't think the pendulum analogy holds unless it dangled and waggled about crazily for a few terms.

  6. Get ready for the Uptown shit show

  7. The Walz and Valkas people had no ground game. I watched for a solid week the CTU people working the streets, the bus stops and train stations in the 46 ward. They harvested mail ballots from infrequent voters. In close races, the ground game matters a lot. How sad we are stuck with Lori 2.0 and Helen Schiller's ghost.

    1. Wow. Sour grapes. I mean I would counter that Vallas, dba as Valkas, was Daley 1.1.12 (LE) and that Walz was the only actual laboratory concoction. (Kim Walz is probably a fine human being but the one that the establishment Democratic party dreams about - the candidate most deserving of a model version appelation.
      But how did you arrive at Johnson is a sequel or continuation of Lightfoot when she ran for re-election (Do you just think all black people are alike?) I am not asserting that you do, but am providing you an opportunity to clarify your position, the one that you opted to take.
      Your prior alder listened to everyone. This website ran cover for him while he on occasion deferred to the Truman Sheridan Neighbors BlockClub for Lots of Parking or what have you. He gave the nearest neighbors a clout level that most NIMBY's only dream of. And this site pretended that those decisions were binding.
      The rub on Helen is that she gave a voice to the voiceless, and the rub on James is that he handed a microphone the the Karens. Neither was wrong, but neither was right. Insist that your next alder do even better.
      You'll be OK, Unknown. There, there.
      Your prior prior ader listened to nobody. She knew best.
      Your current alder? (I'm not acknowledging Clay or Walz, because I'm just replying to a midnight sour grapes post)

    2. CTU used Union funds to support Johnson. A lot of members were not happy.

  8. The problem with the election was the # of candidates for mayor. See my previous comment on another thread. There needs to be a limit to how many can run for mayor. 9-12 is too many! Or we need rank file voting. That would have prevented a run off. We don't know how this will shake off, but I was concerned that Clay owes so much money. If the was charged with the PPE loan, shouldn't she be going to jail? Everybody else I read about that got those loans illegally went to jail and had to pay a hefty fine. If Clay owes the IRS (has a lien?) then she should be paying that off. I would like these candidates to reveal their finances before running for office. The Presidents have to, why not the locals?
    and for all those people who wanted Lightfoot out of office, be careful what you wish for. I didn't think she was a bad mayor. She had a tough job being black & a woman & a shorty :). She had an unfriendly attitude but she brought some really good programs to the city. As for the crime, if you go back 20-30 years ago, Chicago has always been crime-ridden. And guess what folks....we're not the worst crime city - look to Memphis & New Orleans, Atlanta, Baltimore and Philly. The problem with our crime is the courts. If you go outside Cook County, other counties don't play when it comes to sentencing. But our Courts have a revolving door. Know who your judges are! Vote them out. I voted against Chief Evans but the voters voted him BACK IN. The man is 80 years old and needs to go.